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Articles List

Brexit: Political Security Of Healthcare Will Result In Continued Spending

While the UK government's immediate focus will be on negotiating favourable terms for trading and working with the EU after Brexit, the impact on health and social care will be a key topic of discussion. A slowdown in UK GDP growth and a drop in consumer demand does not necessarily signal a reduction in health spending, particularly as the government is committed to the NHS and a large number of patients will continue to purchase private healthcare services over the pressured public sector. However, if an economic shock materialises and the government places financial pressures on the NHS, certain areas of the healthcare sector will suffer._x000d_

M&A Needed To Consolidate Struggling Confectionery Market

The US confectionery market will witness an increase in M&A activity over our forecast period as producers seek to consolidate growth prospects within a crowded market. Sales of sugary products will stagnate up until 2020, leading companies to increasingly focus investment on healthier sub-categories.

Softs: Remaining Supported In H216, Except Coffee

The Soft complex is in the process of tightening which will maintain prices of cotton, cocoa and sugar supported in H216. We forecast prices to remain on an uptrend in 2017 with prices averaging higher y-o-y.

Chinese Investment To Power Far Eastern Growth

Russia's Far East will emerge as a bright spot in an otherwise lacklustre construction sector over the coming years on the back of generous government incentives and a raft of newly announced infrastructure projects. In light of Russia's weak fiscal position and the ongoing difficulties posed by international sanctions, Chinese investment in particular will be instrumental in driving said growth.

'Adultifying' Trend Transforming Non-Alcoholic Drinks Industry

Growing consumer demand for healthy and premium beverages that are distinct from mass market offerings will create conditions for greater dynamism in the global drinks industry. We believe that developed markets will drive health-consciousness and premiumisation trends, which will provide growth momentum for offshoot categories. We hold a particularly positive view for Reed's Inc, which we expect will experience strong growth over our forecast period on the back of these trends.

OEM Autonomous Driving Strategies: A Review

The degree to which OEMs intend to develop their autonomous vehicle capabilities is determined by how each company envisions the role that autonomous vehicles will play in their future business models. Furthermore, those companies seeking to speed up the process of development by involving customers in testing, run the risk of jeopardising the legal justification of their operations.

Brent: Six Key Charts

We maintain our 2016 Brent forecast of USD46.5/bbl. However, we highlight a number of bearish indicators that have the potential to provide downwards pressure on prices.

Brexit Will Create Headwinds For SSA

The fallout from the UK's Brexit vote is likely to offer headwinds to growth across Sub-Saharan Africa over the coming years, with a slowdown in Europe feeding through to weaker tourist arrivals, faltering investment and reduced aid. While the UK's renegotiation of its trade agreements in the wake of Brexit may offer SSA countries scope for a better deal, any beneficial impact will be a long time in coming.

Manufacturing Sector's Importance Underappreciated

GDP statistics dramatically under-represent the importance of the manufacturing sector. Rather than representing just a small fraction of the economy, the manufacturing sector is the most important driver of growth, explaining why there has never been a recession without goods production being the main contributor. With this in mind, the recent stability in the manufacturing sector will likely have to continue for the US to avoid entering recession.

No Tailwinds For Expensive Offshore Wind Power

We maintain our downbeat outlook for US offshore wind power, as continued high costs, due to limited government support and the lack of a domestic supply chain, will ensure that project developers will remain focused on the country's onshore wind segment.