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Shifting Patterns In Global Oil Demand

Global fuels demand will continue to grow over the next ten years according to our forecasts, though at a slower rate than seen in recent years. Improving vehicle efficiency will moderate passenger vehicle oil demand growth, though air travel, road freight and petrochemical demand will see an increase in use of oil.

Gene Editing Will Be Next Focus Of Cancer Pipelines

The oncology treatment landscape will evolve faster than other therapy areas, primarily driven by intense research and the high margin nature of the market. Targeted therapy will remain the backbone of treatments with immuno-oncology becoming an adjunctive therapy, replacing the role of chemotherapies. Gene editing will be the next wave of oncology research and big pharma's interest will soon be piqued as early results from first-in-human trials emerge.

Mauritius Eyes Place On Maritime Silk Road

Mauritius's pursuit of Chinese investment and a place on the 'Maritime Silk Road' will bolster inward investment and may help mitigate some of the effects of significant economic headwinds from traditional trading partners in the coming years. The process will also see a boost in grants from China's strategic rival (and Mauritius' long-time ally) India, which will seek to match Chinese influence with its own financial incentives.

Domestic Production To Enhance Subaru's Competitiveness

Fuji Heavy Industries plans to start producing Subaru cars in Thailand in 2019 will enhance its competitiveness by being closer to its customer base and more responsive to changing market conditions. That said, the customer loyalty and market dominance of Honda, Toyota and Mazda will pose challenges to Subaru's efforts at wrestling away significant market share for itself.

Africa Mining: The Four Key Themes

Sub-Saharan Africa's (SSA) mining sector will continue to face a more challenging operational environment relative to miners in Asia and the Americas. More notably, we expect the region's largest producer, South Africa, to witness a contraction in terms of mining sector over the coming years as the political and regulatory situation on the ground worsens. Despite this, improved commodity prices will attract increasing investment into SSA in the coming years, spurred by the region's large untapped resources.

Demographics Biggest Risk To EU Debt Sustainability

Despite generally low public debt ratios across emerging EU states, demographic decline will pose major long-term challenges to growth and fiscal trajectories. Highly indebted peripheral eurozone economies also have among the worst demographic profiles in the region, compounding long-term challenges and raising questions over debt sustainability in the absence of explicit support from monetary policy or EU institutions.

PSA-Opel Deal: Q&A

Following the EU competition committee's approval of PSA Group's bid to acquire the Opel/Vauxhall division of General Motors Company (GM), we highlight here some of the questions we have been most frequently asked

Private Health Sector To Provide Greater Drugmaker Opportunities

Inefficiencies in Kenya's healthcare sector will pave the way for further private sector investment and create opportunities for drugmakers and medical device manufacturers. While the Kenyan government is focused on improving the provision of healthcare services, there is a long way to go before a comprehensive universal healthcare service can be implemented. The low levels of consumer spending power in the majority of the population will challenge companies' performance, and we expect improved healthcare outcomes to only become visible over the long term.

New Crown Prince And Austerity Rollbacks A Boon For Growth

The elevation of Mohammed bin Salman to Crown Prince and the concomitant easing of fiscal consolidation in Saudi Arabia will support business and consumer confidence over the coming quarters, boosting economic activity. That said, the positive impact of these measures on GDP growth will be partially mitigated by lower-for-longer oil prices and sustained production cuts, while the reversal of consolidation measures will delay the budget's return to surplus to 2021.

Learning To Live With A Nuclear North Korea

North Korea's test of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) is a significant step in its weapons programme, but it is not yet a 'game-changer'. Even if Pyongyang achieves the ability to strike the continental USA, there are ample reasons to believe that the threat can be contained.




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