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Status Quo Likely To Hold In The Face Of Latest Corruption Charges

Brazil's political status quo is likely to remain intact in the next few months, in spite of the latest corruption charges levelled by departing Public Prosector Rodrigo Janot. Nevertheless, they will undermine reform efforts and bolster public anger towards Brazil's political establishment.

Turkey To Deepen Relations With Qatar, Seek Cordial Ties To Rest Of GCC

Turkey's relations with Qatar will continue to deepen over the years ahead, as the two countries are drawn closer together by aligning foreign and security policies, and opportunities for trade and investment. The Erdogan administration will look to maintain cordial ties with other GCC authorities in order to facilitate exports to the Gulf Arab states, boost Turkey's regional influence, and improve regional stability.

Time For Lego To Go Online

Lego posted disappointing results in the first half of 2017, pushing the world's largest toymaker to cut 1,400 jobs and simplify its complex organisation structure. To boost its sales and revenue we believe Lego will have to delve deeper into leisure experiences such as virtual-play, online gaming and theme parks/movies in line with changing consumer preferences.

Otkritie Not A Systemic Risk, But Points To Further Consolidation

The near collapse of private bank Otkritie will not pose a systematic risk to the Russian banking sector, supported by central bank interventions aimed at ensuring stability. However, the failure highlights that some smaller players remain vulnerable amid an in increase in risk aversion. This is turn will encourage further consolidation, benefitting larger players and augmenting the state's footprint in the sector.

Risks From US Sanctions Mitigated For Now

Watered-down plans to expand US sanctions on Hizbullah and affiliates will reduce stability for Lebanese banks over the coming quarters. This will enable banks to continue grow deposits and asserts at a robust pace, owing to improving confidence in the economy and a loyal depositor base.

Barriers To Healthcare Will Limit Commercial Opportunities

Discrepancies at the state-level highlight the depth of healthcare inequality between South Africa's urban and rural landscapes. While efforts are being made to improve the health of the population, South Africa's healthcare system is still underdeveloped in key aspects that will limit commercial rewards for drugmakers and private healthcare providers over the coming years - especially as the government focuses on addressing basic services, while containing costs. Engagement of the public and private sector will be needed in order to address the underlying challenges, and have a notable change in healthcare outcomes.

Apple: Software Beats Hardware

Despite the launch of two new models, we believe that iOS 11 will have more impact than the new iPhones, because it will include AR apps. We see AR as the greatest differentiator for Apple, whose scale can drive the development of the ecosystem, boosting its long-term services revenue growth and its attempt at greater diversification.

Constrained Spending Will See Slow And Fragile Progress

Substantial budget deficits and an increasing debt burden will see the Kenyan government pull back from recent fiscal expansion over the coming quarters. This will improve the country's sovereign credentials, but a spit government after an election re-run could slow any progress.

Pork The Most Popular Meat To 2021

Japan's dietary tradition and consumer preferences will change over the coming five years (2017-2021) and increasingly resemble those of Western markets, with lower beef demand and higher poultry intake. Pork will remain the most popular meat over the next five years but this may change over the long term as poultry's high protein content increasingly appeals to health-conscious consumers.




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