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Articles List

Hotel Chocolat Well-Positioned In Premium Segment

Our bullish view on premium chocolate in developed markets is playing out with British company Hotel Chocolat among the most prominent beneficiaries. Its core strategies such as high cocoa content, low sugar, quality ingredients, fair trade and sustainability play into changing consumer demand towards craft products and those perceived to have health benefits. Hotel Chocolat is set up for success over the coming years, but will need to constantly innovate to stay ahead of the competition in a crowded market.

New Presalt Rules Will Not Spur Investment

Potential changes to Brazil's presalt regulations will provide little upside for investment over the next year. An unfavourable operating environment and Petrobras' reduced capex plans will deter greater private sector involvement, supporting our more modest production forecast.

New Trade Partners Will Boost Domestic Drugmaker Gains

Jordan's domestic pharmaceutical industry will continue to strengthen on the back of its entry into new export markets and the signing of new free trade agreements. The country will continue to boast a positive trade balance, yet the majority of Jordan's pharmaceuticals will remain sourced from abroad despite the impressive domestic manufacturing industry. Local drugmakers will continue to supply the domestic market with generic pharmaceuticals though higher value innovative drugs will continue to be supplied by multinationals.

The Realities Of Chinese Loan Financing

BMI View: Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) will continue to be one of the key recipients of Chinese lending. However, expectations on the scale of such financing are overstated while its risks are understated.

Postpaid MVNO Services Require VAS Element

Lower mobile data prices and a superior advanced mobile network are factors that consumers desire from a fourth mobile operator. Liberty Wireless' MVNO will not, therefore, have a tangible impact on the mature Singaporean mobile market. However, OTT content or fibre broadband bundling would place it in a better position.

PSUV Dominance Outside Legislature Will Persist Until 2019

Amid near-hyperinflationary conditions, a deep economic recession, and soaring levels of mistrust in its political leadership, Venezuela's opposition will be unable to enact meaningful reform through legislation given the dominance of the ruling party in the other branches of government. While dissatisfaction with the government is also on the rise, there remain deep ideological divisions in the country which the government will exploit to delay a presidential recall referendum.

Mekong Region: Opportunities Abound For All

Despite dissimilarities in the countries' telecoms sectors, we believe that network investments in the Mekong region will boost international connectivity in the less developed markets of Cambodia and Laos. While regulatory and operational risks are higher than the Asia Pacific regional average, the Mekong region enjoys high mobile penetration and an immense potential for 3G/4G growth, which is positive for investment into mobile-based value-added services.

Significant Opportunities For Cancer Drugmakers

There will be significant revenue-generating opportunities for oncology drugmakers in Latin America due to the increasing cancer burden in the region. Commercial enterprises providing inexpensive screening, diagnostic services and treatments will benefit the most. Brazil will continue to be the most important regional market for cancer drugmakers.

Novo Nordisk To Remain Leader In Global Diabetes Market

Novo Nordisk continues to experience robust sales growth and dominate the global diabetes market. While its key modern insulin products have seen a slowdown in sales growth due to increased competition, the company's next-generation insulin products have seen substantial uptake, boding well for future earnings.