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Revenue Disappointment To Widen Budgetary Shortfall

Trinidad & Tobago's fiscal deficit will widen in 2017 and narrow in the quarters thereafter. While asset sales could offer upside support to intakes, the government's financing needs will likely result in the drawdown of the country's fiscal buffers and weigh on its sovereign credit rating.

Multinational Drugmakers Will Benefit From Improving Operating Environment

The South Korean population's regionally high per-capita pharmaceutical and healthcare expenditure, as well as the country's highly innovative R&D environment, will ensure the attractiveness of the pharmaceutical market. The government's support for the pharmaceutical industry, as reflected by the recent announcement of new legislation to improve medical information transparency and tackle corruption, bodes well for South Korea's long-term potential as a proposition for pharmaceutical firms.

African Sugar Producers To Struggle Following EU Quota Lapse

The sugar deficit in Africa will widen, as low international prices, the loss of the EU market and disappointing growth in regional consumption provide few incentives to invest. Governments of sugar-producing countries will instead focus on protecting their small internal markets from import-competition. Ethiopia is the main exception to this trend, and will become a major sugar exporter over a five-year horizon.

Social Spending And Political Repression Will Render Second Term For Sisi

As 2018 elections approach, President Sisi will continue to shore up his position through a combination of pro-poor spending and political repression, and we see no realistic challenge to a second term for him. On the regional front, Sisi will continue to publicly support the blockade against Qatar given Egypt’s reliance on Saudi and Emirati funding.

Consumer Choice To Benefit From Digi-Invitel Acquisition

Digi's acquisition of Invitel creates a much-needed strong third national converged services provider and the expansion will boost consumer choice as well as the digital economy. The deal also aligns with our view that 2017 will see increased M&A activity amongst smaller players in the fragmented CEE telecoms markets.

OPEC Export Focus Market Supportive

The outcome of the OPEC, non-OPEC compliance meeting will be broadly price supportive due to the focus on curbing crude exports and confirmation that Nigerian production will be capped at 1.8mn b/d.

G20 Participation Positive For Long-Term Goals

Singapore’s invitation and participation in the G20 summit despite not being a member demonstrates the strength of the city-state’s reputation and its commitment to continue to engage with the world. High profile meetings between Prime Minister Lee and the various heads of state also suggest that the country will continue with its current foreign policy of engaging all players while upholding its sovereignty, boding well for its long-term economic and trade prospects.

US Cooperation To Boost Power Sector Opportunities

Greater energy cooperation with the US - as recently announced by the two countries' energy ministers - will contribute to making Mexico one of the most dynamic power markets in Latin America. Increased cross-border electricity trade and greater access to natural gas for its expanding thermal power fleet are key benefits that Mexico stands to get over the coming years from growing energy integration with the US.

Acquisitions Will Support Emergent's Revenue Goals

Emergent BioSolutions' recent acquisitions will help to support the company's growth. The firm will use its vast expertise and leverage its core competencies in manufacturing and government contracting to help achieve its goal of reaching USD1bn in total revenue by 2020.

Quick View: Risks Of Widespread Unrest To Remain Heightened

Israeli authorities have installed metal detectors at the al-Aqsa mosque compound - known to the Jews as Temple Mount - following the killing of two Israeli policemen at the site by Israeli Arabs carrying guns on July 14. The move sparked Palestinian protests on July 21, during which three Palestinian men died in clashes with Israeli security forces. Three Israeli civilians were subsequently stabbed to death by a Palestinian in a Jewish settlement in the West Bank. Meanwhile, on July 24, two Jordanians were killed as they reportedly attacked Israeli security guards at a building used by the Israeli embassy in Amman.




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