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Articles List

Investors Unimpressed By Global Hedge Fund Returns

With performance dipping to a four-year low and net capital levels declining as a result, 2015 is proving to be a difficult year for the global hedge fund industry. After a moribund period in the aftermath of the global financial crisis, 'hedgies' looked to be turning a corner at the start of this year, with assets under management (AuM) and the global macroeconomic backdrop both improving. However, such heightened levels of optimism have proven to be a false dawn for this alternative asset class, and confidence in the industry's ability to provide strong returns has subsequently dwindled as the year has gone on.

Confidence In GW's Cannabinoids Continues Despite Sativex Trial Failure

GW and Otsuka will continue development of Sativex, but it seems unlikely the drug will receive a broad indication for cancer pain management. While this will slow GW's revenue growth significantly, there is still a high level of confidence in the business and its cannabinoid based drug pipeline.

Central America Attractive As Major Markets Cool

Central American markets will look increasingly attractive the rest of Latin America experiences a deteriorating consumer outlook and market saturation in the food sector. Thanks to its large and young consumer base, Guatemala will offer the strongest growth opportunities in Central America, while a strong tourism sector will drive premiumisation in Costa Rica.

100 Smart Cities: Urban Infrastructure Opportunities Abound

India's 100 Smart Cities plan will provide significant opportunities across multiple sectors including urban transport infrastructure, water utilities, renewables and residential buildings, with strong foreign interest underscoring the project's potential. Bureaucracy and land issues will be key challenges to the successful implementation of this initiative.

Opportunities For Investment In Mobile Phone-Based Disease Surveillance

While the most basic of devices can offer a workable disease surveillance service, the access to sufficient telecoms network infrastructure remains a barrier to the use of this type of telecare in more remote parts of the world. Nevertheless, the speed of transmitting information and synthesising data for improving healthcare responses makes disease surveillance a highly effecting pillar of the telecare universe.

Ongoing Maritime Dispute With China Remains A Political Flashpoint

There remains no end in sight to the ongoing maritime dispute between China and Vietnam in the South China Sea, and repeated clashes between Chinese and Vietnamese ships in disputed waters could escalate tensions. That said, given Vietnam's close economic linkages with China, we believe the former will not want to further strain ties with its larger neighbour.

Commodity Exporters Face Multi-Year Challenge

Commodity prices will remain subdued over the coming years. Industrial metals and oil will face sustained price pressure amid plentiful supply. This is clearly bad news for commodity exporters, but prudent government policy and growth-supportive initiatives will help to cushion the blow for some emerging markets including the UAE and Mexico.

Challenging Times For India's Agriculture

India's agricultural industry and its farmers are facing challenging times, as the country has recorded deficient monsoons in three of the past four years. The sub-par summer monsoon in 2015 will have broad implications for the country, including declining exports, rising wheat imports and a reduction in farms' revenue and expenditure.

Government Defeat In House Of Lords Risks Constitutional Crisis

The approval of a measure in the British House of Lords intended to delay cuts to in-work benefits has risked a constitutional crisis. The defeat for the Conservative government could see it seek to amend the powers of the appointed upper house with regard to how it amends, approves and rejects legislation sent there by the elected House of Commons.