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Articles List

Dire Outlook For Economy Over Coming Years

In line with the country's political turmoil, Libya's economy will remain in dire straits over the coming years with any recovery likely to be slow and painful.

McDonald's Sales Up, But Long-Term Challenges Remain

McDonald's turnaround plan will provide some relief to same-store sales over the coming quarters, despite fast food chains losing to fast casual restaurants. Over the longer term, while the refranchising strategy will further boost profitability - already huge by industry standards - adapting to changing industry dynamics and sustaining growth will prove difficult for McDonald's.

Regulatory Clarity To Bolster Wind Growth

Improved regulatory clarity coupled with strong government support for the French wind power sector will underpin robust growth rates in the segment over our 10-year forecast. Onshore wind power will be the driver of growth, as capacity deployment delays will remain a hurdle for the French offshore wind sector.

Aurobindo Pharma Advances Emerging Market Expansion

Aurobindo's plans to establish a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Saudi Arabia will help the company expand its presence in the growing Saudi generics drug market. This move falls in line with the company's strategy of expanding its generic drugs portfolio in emerging markets. The new facility will strengthen the company's position within the Gulf region, with long-term growth being supported through expanding healthcare, rising demand for low-value medicines and growing levels of public awareness.

Apple Not Failing, But Diversification Required

Apple is a victim of its own success, as the company is unlikely to report the same growth rates going forward. However, it retains strong fundamentals and will continue to churn out profits, especially through the popularity of the iPhone. In the longer-term, Apple will need to diversify its revenue streams, but these are as likely with new products as they are with new services leveraging the iPhone's installed base.

Monetary Policy Normalisation Will Begin In H2

The Bank of Ghana will maintain rates through the first half of 2016, but slowing price growth will enable the bank to begin a normalisation of monetary policy in the second half of the year.

Phosphate Fertilisers: A Primer

China and Morocco will strengthen their position as leading producers of phosphate fertilisers over the next five years, while China and India will see the strongest phosphate consumption growth over the period. Phosphate companies will continue to operate in a subdued price environment over the coming years because additional supply coming to the market will exceed future growth in demand.

PTC Extension Lifts Wind Power Forecasts

We have upgraded our forecast for wind power capacity and generation in the US over the coming decade, as a result of the extension of a federal production tax credit for the industry. This