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Growing Antibiotic Resistance Creates Larger Market For Baxdela

The FDA approval of Melinta Therapeutics' Baxdela will see the company generate its first revenues, which makes it a more attractive target. Increasing antibiotic resistance to first-generation antibiotics will drive Baxdela's growth, but it could face resistant bacteria species if overused and given to misdiagnosed patients.

MENA Edging From Oil To Gas

We forecast substantial production gains the MENA region, with broadly level growth in both oil and gas.

Lasting Peace Remains Elusive Despite Successful Conference

While the agreements obtained during the 2nd Panglong Peace Conference held in late May mark a positive step in moving the peace process forward, these agreements fail to address key issues that could derail the entire process. Mutual distrust between the civilian government, the military, and various ethnic groups amid the ongoing clashes in the country's north suggest that the peace process remains an uphill climb. We thus expect ethnic violence to continue to weigh on Myanmar's political scene, which is reflected in Myanmar's low long-term political risk score of 42.9.

Economy Entering A Cyclical Upswing

Hungary's solid Q117 GDP figures add weight to our call for economic growth to rebound over the coming years. An uptick in EU structural funding is likely to see fixed investment accelerate, while a positive picture across domestic equities and an improving outlook for the corporate sector should precipitate higher levels of capital expenditure. Strengthening external demand should also be supportive of growth.

Wider Deficit On Weak Cocoa And Army Bonuses

Côte d'Ivoire's fiscal deficit will peak in 2017, as subdued revenue growth and higher public sector wage growth weighs on government finances, before slowly narrowing thereafter. While the country is boosting its debt issuances to fund its increased fiscal shortfalls, we believe debt dynamics are sustainable in the long term given strong growth and gradually improving cocoa prices.

Soybean: Forecasts Revised Lower But Uptrend Maintained

We have revised our soybean price forecasts downward, but still expect prices to average slightly higher than spot levels. The global soybean market will register small deficits over the coming years as global demand growth, led by China, remains steady. By contrast, supply growth will slow due to reduced growth in plantings and yields.

A Change In The Line Of Succession: Initial Thoughts

The elevation of Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to crown prince on June 21 will see a broad continuation of current domestic and foreign policy in Saudi Arabia. This will see reform efforts at home continue to be driven forward, while on the foreign policy front ongoing hawkishness could pose a risk to regional stability.

GSK To Strengthen R&D Commitment Through Strategic Partnerships

The demand for chronic respiratory treatments in China will continue to rise. Within this disease area, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is dominant and will be a key area of unmet medical need, as factors such as air pollution remain entrenched. As a consequence, pharmaceutical firms will continue to build their presence in China, aligning themselves with the government's push to develop the healthcare sector and transforming the traditional model of diagnosis and treatment.

Mining Charter A Further Headwind To Investor Sentiment

South Africa's recently published revisions to its mining charter will undermine already weak investment, offering further headwinds to economic growth outlook. Not only will mining firms potentially face higher compliance costs, but further signals that the ruling African National Congress is moving ahead with its so-called 'radical economic transformation' programme will temper investor enthusiasm towards other sectors as well.

Challenges Persist In Walmart's International Operations

Walmart faces ongoing challenges in its international operations. We review the company's shifting strategy in China, the ongoing risks in Latin America and the potential for Walmart to expand in sub-Saharan Africa.




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