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Trade And Security Issues To Dominate Xi-Trump Meeting

Trade and security issues will dominate the agenda when US President Donald Trump hosts Chinese President Xi Jinping on April 6-7. Amid growing protectionism by the US and rising tensions in the Korean Peninsula, we believe that the meeting presents a test to both Trump’s geopolitical assertiveness in Asia and Xi’s need to be viewed as capable of standing up for China’s national interests.

Implications Of St Petersburg Metro Attack

The St Petersburg Metro terrorist attack indicates that Russia will remain a key target of Islamist militants for the foreseeable future. Even though security is likely to be stepped up, especially ahead of the 2018 World Cup, there will be instances where terrorists slip through the net.

Quick View: No Confidence Vote Unlikely, Even After Cabinet Reshuffle

The opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) has put forward a no confidence motion against President Jacob Zuma after he made sweeping changes to his cabinet on March 30, including the decision to replace the well-respected finance minister with a political ally. A no confidence vote could offer the clearest indication of the support for Zuma, or lack thereof, within the ANC, in the wake of the massive cabinet reshuffle.

Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare - Global Q117 Round-Up

There is increasing evidence of widening access to innovative pharmaceutical products in emerging markets. Reimbursement lists are being expanded, baskets of healthcare services are growing, production of medicine is being localised, regulations are being streamlined, procurement orders are rising and companies are increasingly partnering with domestic stakeholders. We nevertheless highlight ongoing pricing pressure for foreign multinationals, which limits commercial returns in emerging markets.

Asia To Test Trump's Geopolitical Assertiveness

President Donald Trump's geopolitical assertiveness faces an early test in Asia, as he is due to host Chinese President Xi Jinping on April 6-7. Trade and security will dominate the agenda, amid growing protectionism in the US and rising tensions in Korea. Elsewhere, Trump will step up the fight against Islamic State. Meanwhile, relations with Russia will remain static for now, owing to substantial domestic opposition to Trump's desire for a major rapprochement with Russia.

Belt & Road MEA: Maritime Access To Dominate Investment Focus

The B&R initiative will be specific in its targeting of port projects and associated infrastructure across the Middle East and Africa as China looks to develop markets along the maritime route. Given the region's high-risk environment, China will be pragmatic in its approach to developing and entrenching ties while it looks to secure oil and promote trade.

Global T&D: Key Projects And The Competitive Landscape

One of our key views for 2017 is that there will be increased investment in T&D infrastructure as many countries across the world adjust to changes to the way that electricity is generated and consumed.

Gordhan Ouster: Initial Reactions

The decision to replace Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan will have significant economic consequences for South Africa, weakening the currency, increasing the risk of fiscal slippage and weighing on investor sentiment. Politically, the consequences depend largely on the response of the anti-Zuma wing of the ruling African National Congress, with potential for the move to either calcify a less reformist policy stance or heighten the long-running war between the traditionalist and reformists.

FX Volatility To Shape Drugmaker Prospects

Some international markets represent huge potential for growth for multinational pharmaceutical firms' products. However, despite opportunities to increase sales in markets around the globe, the revenues generated from these sales will be significantly impacted by changes in global currencies. The outlook for FX rates is a vital component for drugmakers to assess in order to maximise their commercial strategy.




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