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End Of Tax Waiver Bad For Tesla Sales

The end of the full waiver of first registration tax for EVs in Hong Kong from March 31 2017 will stifle the development of the city-state's EV segment in the short term as EV prices rise. This will be particularly bad news for premium brand Tesla, which has dominated the market due to generous tax incentives.

American Health Care Act To Face Hurdles Before Passage

Given the politicised nature of healthcare in the US and the considerable complexity of the world's largest medical services system, the proposed changes outlined in the American Health Care Act will not be implemented quickly, and amendments are highly likely. Critics in the Democrat party say that the plan will increase costs, while widespread support among Republicans is not guaranteed, especially from those that see it as 'Obamacare-lite'._x000d_

Structural Imbalances To Weigh On Renewables Rebound

The long-term viability of the Spanish push to restart renewables growth over the next couple of years will face substantial headwinds that stem from structural imbalances in the country's power market.

Week Ahead: South Africa Growth Will Remain Tepid

In the week ahead, South Africa will release Q4 and full year real GDP growth figures for 2016. We expect the data to show that growth was tepid last year, and forecast an expansion of just 0.5% on the back of weak business confidence, elevated unemployment and still sluggish heavy and precious metals prices. In the year ahead, growth will accelerate, though at a gradual pace, with the currency uncertain political environment posing continued downside risks.

Lengthy Drug Registration Times Continue To Hurt Local Drugmakers

The long-awaited transition to a new medicine regulator in South Africa, SAHPRA, will provide a much needed boost to the local pharmaceutical industry. Recurring delays to its implementation remain an underlying risk, however, and continue to present concerns for generic drugmakers looking to reduce lengthy drug registration times. Despite the recent setback, in the meantime South Africa's generic drug industry will benefit from the expansion of the country's retail pharmaceutical sector, which will create commercial opportunities for firms whose portfolio includes generic medicines.

Chart Pack: ‘Hard’ Versus ‘Soft’ Data And Imminent Fed Hike In Focus

Economic data for the US in 2017 have so far come in more or less in line with our expectations and have not yet compelled us to revisit our real GDP growth forecasts, which remain below consensus (2.0% in 2017 and 2.2% in 2018, compared with consensus of 2.3% and 2.4% in those years, respectively).

Downside Risks Linger To LNG Supply Growth

Global liquefaction capacity is set for rapid expansion over the coming five years, underpinning our bearish spot price outlook for LNG. However, a lagging gap between export growth and liquefaction capacity additions poses upside risk to our forecast.

Formalisation To Take Hold In Fast-Growing Beer Market

Beer consumption in Kenya will post impressive growth over our forecast period to 2021, as rising incomes enable consumers to enter the formal beer market. While high excise duties presents a downside risk to growth in mainstream and premium categories, favourable demographics and greater penetration of low-cost offerings will drive volume expansion for major brewers.

Economy Will Continue To Suffer Fallout From Debt Crisis

A lack of investment into the economy will see real GDP growth trough in Mozambique over the coming quarters. The early stages of development in the liquefied natural gas sector and a more stable exchange rate will be the main drivers of economic expansion during this challenging two-year period.




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