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Scotland IndyRef2 Off The Cards, For Now

The chances of a successful Scottish independence referendum took a major step back following Scotland's ruling Scottish National Party's losing 21 of its 56 seats in the UK parliament in the 8 June General Election. Not only does this point to the SNP's popularity being on the wane, but it showed an increasing willingness by pro-Union voters to vote tactically to defeat the SNP.

A Hard Brexit Is Now Less Likely

A failure by the Conservatives to obtain a majority in parliament has reduced the likelihood of a 'Hard Brexit'. By 'Hard Brexit' we imply the UK following Theresa May's stated intention of withdrawing from the EU single market and customs union in its current form, as well as imposing greater restrictions on the free movement of EU workers.

Colombia's Clothing Market Primed For Accelerated Growth

Colombia is one of our favourite growth stories for consumer spending in Latin America, as rising disposable incomes and new shopping malls developments offer both demand and supply incentives for retailers. We highlight clothing & footwear as the outperforming spending category over our forecast period to 2021, with fast-fashion players set to benefit as these retailers ramp up expansion plans in the country.

Pound Searching For Support After Shock Election Result

Our view of sterling outperformance is under pressure. The next level of technical support for cable comes in at USD1.2550/GBP, with USD1.2250/GBP the next level beyond that. While the former is increasingly at risk we expect the later to hold and maintain our view that sterling hit a sustainable low during the October 2016 flash crash and we do not expect to see significant downside

Hung Parliament: Scenarios For GBP

The United Kingdom's governing centre-right Conservative party has lost its majority in the House of Commons, with a strong performance by the left-wing main opposition Labour party ushering in a hung parliament, where no single party controls an overall majority. The result is in a period of major instability in British politics.

Watson for Oncology Will Increase Presence In All Aspects Of Oncology Market

Cognitive computing will be embraced by firms developing treatments for oncology, especially if it can expedite development, which is a key focus in product R&D. Adoption in cancer care centres will be driven by building utilisation data. Uptake will be slow with the potential for Watson for Oncology to reduce the need for clinical oncologists.

India To Overtake Japan As Asia's Second Largest Car Market By 2020

India will overtake Japan to become Asia's second largest passenger car market by 2020 supported by robust economic growth, a rising lower middle class and steady expansion in private consumption. A rise in tax rates on cars and sluggish private consumption will see Japan fall behind India to become the region's third biggest car market.

Limited Infrastructure Impact From Macron's Election

We expect broad continuity from a Macron government with regard to infrastructure policy and have not altered our construction industry growth forecasts as a result. There is some upside presented given Macron's stance towards privatisations and pursuing greater regulatory convergence within Europe.

AINMT Investment To Revitalise Nextel

AINMT's investment will likely be a turning point for Nextel Brazil, given the Nordic company's fruitful experience in providing mobile data services in emerging markets. Given its alignment with one of Nextel's areas of expertise in catering to the enterprise sector, we expect the partnership to yield results, but not to greatly erode rivals' market shares.

Outbound Tourism To Remain On An Uptrend

China's outbound tourism will continue to increase over the coming years on the back of robust income growth. In addition, we expect Chinese tourists to become increasingly inclined to visit countries outside the Chinese-speaking world.




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