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Articles List

Domestic Power Players To Dominate

Indonesia's power and renewables competitive landscape will remain dominated by domestic firms, notably PLN over the coming years, as the state-utility drives Indonesia's ambitious power sector expansion. The heightening competition between Chinese and Japanese companies for contract opportunities across the Asia region is clearly evidenced in Indonesia's power sector, with China capitalising on Indonesia's expanding coal-power sector, and Japan maintaining its monopoly in the geothermal segment.

Net Positives For Augmented Reality In Healthcare

Use cases for augmented reality (AR) in healthcare have been identified across the continuum of care. The drivers of AR-healthcare mimic those of value-based care, these two trends will rise in correlation as developed state health systems seek to address deficiencies in cost, quality and efficiency. Technological progress is rarely linear, and despite a broadening industry, AR-healthcare will remain niche over the next five years.

Execution The Question Mark In Softbank-ARM Deal

Softbank's acquisition of ARM is geared towards taking advantage of opportunities in the IoT market. Softbank can provide the investments and funding required for ARM to expand beyond smartphones and tablets, but the biggest question mark is whether Softbank can afford these investments, as other parts of the business, such as Sprint and its domestic mobile network, also need funds.

Boost To Domestic Pharmaceutical Industry Will Provide Cheaper Oncology Medicines

The supply of generic cancer medicines in the UAE will increasingly be satisfied by the domestic industry, limiting the country's escalating healthcare costs. However, innovative oncology products will remain sourced from abroad by multinationals. This current model is unsustainable over the long-term, particularly as the majority of these drugs are high-value patented medicines.

Gasoline Market Facing Near-Term Pressure

Powerful gasoline output growth and slower demand growth in key markets will maintain the apparent oversupply in the Asian gasoline market, supporting our bearish near-term view. Our longer-term outlook is bullish, due to projections for strong consumption growth trends in many of the region's emerging markets, spearheaded by India and China.

Floating Solar (Floatovoltaics) To Gain Global Attractiveness

Floating solar power will grow increasingly attractive, as it allows developers and investors to overcome limitations in land usage that are associated with large, utility-scale solar projects. Power markets in hotter climates will also deploy the technology in order to prevent water reservoir evaporation and improve solar power efficiency through water-based cooling.

Nice Attack: No Sign Of End To French Terror Vulnerability

Despite two major terrorist attacks in France since January 2015, the government and security services will continue to struggle to prevent terrorism in practical terms as large-scale bombings or shootings are coupled with 'lone wolf' attacks. The trend of increasing violence was exemplified in the Nice attack on July 14, where at least 84 were killed as a lorry drove at speed through crowds of people.

Asian Banking Sector Prospects Still Poor

Asian banks will continue to operate in a difficult economic environment, and we believe that profitability and asset quality will continue to come under pressure. Chinese banks are more vulnerable than Indian banks in this regard as they have higher amount of opaque lending activities, while Singaporean banks are particularly exposed to the slowing Chinese market. Meanwhile, banks in the Philippines will continue to be resilient due to its strong balance sheet.

Brexit Fallout For EMs; Russia To Benefit

The UK's vote to leave the European Union will have widespread and varying ramifications for emerging markets, with the effects being felt via trade, investment, finance and aid. From a trade perspective, Central and Eastern Europe is particularly exposed. Russia stands to gain from Brexit from a geopolitical perspective.