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Articles List

Competition Can Only Happen If Networks Are Available

The Spanish regulator's decision requiring Telefónica to share access to its fibre network risks reducing the high level of investment in the technology. The need to avoid domination and improve uptake and competition is a core regulatory risk, but competition cannot happen without networks being available. The right balance must be struck, and this is a question for all regulators in Europe.

Healthcare Neglected Due To Heightened Baltic Tension

Defence is set to be at the top of Latvia's agenda for the foreseeable future and healthcare spending will be relegated as a result. Geopolitical tension in the Baltics is high, given the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict and escalating Russian military activity in the region, and this has led to a controversial Latvian budget where healthcare is cut and defence spending doubled. The constricted healthcare budget will pose significant challenges to the revenue-earning opportunities of pharmaceutical companies and medical device firms.

Transport Infrastructure To Drive Construction

Political risks will remain a hindrance to construction activity in Thailand over the long term following the military government's rejection of the draft constitution, which underscores the country's uncertain political outlook. With the junta expected to remain in power until 2017, large scale public transport infrastructure projects are expected to benefit, driving construction activity over the near term.

Dubai: Exposed To Oil But Growth Remaining Strong

Dubai's economy will slow over the coming quarters as the impact of lower oil prices takes effect. However, growth will remain relatively strong given the dominant non-oil sector - particularly the tourism, construction and retail segments - as well as the opening up of Iran's economy. We forecast real GDP growth of 4.2% in 2016 and 4.1% in 2017, following an estimated 4.4% in 2015.

Improved Legislation Will Boost Clinical Trial Numbers

Russia will remain by far the most attractive location for clinical trials in Central and Eastern Europe. Figures released by a contract research organisation (CRO), Synergy, in October 2015 showed an increase in clinical trials approved by the Ministry of Health in Q315 relative to 2014 owing to the country's efforts to improve the clinical trial environment.

West Africa: Hotspots For Growth

Amid a broader slowdown in exploration and development activity offshore West Africa, we believe that Congo-Brazzaville, Nigeria and Senegal will emerge as regional bright spots in 2016-2018.

From El Niño 2015 To La Niña 2016: Weather Risks To Persist

El Niño is currently affecting the agribusiness sector in a number of countries in South and South East Asia. As a result, the prices of palm oil, sugar and rice will remain supported in the coming quarters. Adverse weather could endure in 2016, as El Niño may give way to La Niña next year. La Niña could impact global food security as it affects weather in two of the largest food providers, the US and Brazil. Downside risks to production are the most acute for corn, soybean, wheat, sugar, cotton and coffee.

Technocratic Government No Threat To Growth Story

The formation of a new technocrat government does not change our very positive economic growth outlook for Romania. If anything, it will improve the country's ability to attractive overseas investment.

China To Continue Power Play In Latin America

The role of Chinese companies in Latin America's power sector will increase over the next decade, particularly in the hydropower, renewables and nuclear industries.

Sales Outlook Darkening But Still Positive

Tighter lending conditions, subdued economic growth outlook, and the effects of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) will weigh on vehicle sales in 2016.