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Articles List

Drugmakers To Continue To Employ Local Healthcare Programmes

Multinational pharmaceutical companies operating in the Middle East and African markets will continue to employ strategic partnerships with local governments and organisations. These partnerships are effective ways of gaining brand awareness among healthcare payers, prescribers and consumers, and will continue to be used to gain a strategic advantage within markets.

Strong Solar Competition Reinforces Bright Outlook

The huge oversubscription of a solar PV tender in Andhra Pradesh aligns with our view that India's solar market will attract significant investor interest over the next five years, given the sizeable rewards on offer in the market. The biggest risk to this positive outlook is that such high levels of competition for solar auctions have the potential to drive tariff costs to unfeasibly low levels, jeopardising project realisation.

AB InBev-SABMiller Tie-Up: Implications In Key Markets

The proposed acquisition of SABMiller by AB InBev will have major implications for a number of key beer markets. Establishing a presence in Africa - where beer growth prospects are strong - is the major stake for AB InBev, alongside further strengthening its dominance over the profitable Latin American markets.

Picking the Outperformers: UAE, Iran and Egypt

Even as most Emerging Markets face rising headwinds and the Middle East struggles with its own political and security concerns, we highlight three bright spots where we are relatively optimistic on the growth prospects - Iran, Egypt and the UAE. The former two will see a sharp uptick in economic activity, driven by investment and exports, while the latter will weather the storm of lower oil prices and benefit from Iran's opening.

Consolidated Drug Procurement Will Boost Commercial Appeal

Mexico's consolidated pharmaceutical procurement scheme will continue to grow over the long-term as Mexican states increasingly recognize the cost-saving benefits of bulk purchasing. This will continue to generate commercial opportunities for multinational drugmakers as federal pharmaceutical spending continues to rise. Patients will also experience the benefits of bulk procurement as the availability of necessary treatment options improves.

US Craft Beer Trend Here to Stay

Rising demand for innovation and high-quality ingredients among millennial consumers, combined with popularity among women and the Hispanic population, will contribute to the long-term success of craft beer. Competition in the segment will intensify as the number of craft breweries increases, while beer majors will seek to increase their presence in the sector through acquisitions.

Transport Sector To Lead Privatisation Drive

Our expectation earlier in 2015 that in spite of the strong government rhetoric against it, the privatisations programme never came off the table permanently, has been validated. The process forms a key pillar of the third credit agreement for Greece and with the fast-tracking of several processes, the Greek infrastructure sector looks set to be one of the most active in Europe for the coming year.

Isagen's Privatisation To Proceed, Risk Of Delays Remain

The Colombian government will remain committed to the privatisation of Isagen, due to its growing need to support its financial position over the coming quarters amid slumping oil export revenues and a deepening budget deficit.

Gasoline Prices to Sharply Weaken in Q4 2015

Gasoline prices will weaken in Q415 following the end of the US driving season - the main support to global fuels prices over 2015. High refinery throughput in Europe will add to high stock levels, forcing prices to fall deeper than the usual seasonal lull in the coming months.