Articles List

Articles List

Green Energy Sukuk To Cement Renewables Status

The issuance of the world's first green energy sukuk in the UAE would expand the investor base for an asset class that is set to grow rapidly and channel financing into UAE fast-growing renewable energy sector.

Power Of Siberia Immune To Crisis

Gazprom is making progress with its Power of Siberia gas pipeline to China. The project remains unaffected by spending restrictions due to its strategic importance to Russia, while the domestic manufacturing of pipelines is shielding the project from a weaker rouble.

Relations With Germany Heading To New Lows

Deteriorating Greco-German relations will weaken Greece's negotiating position with its creditors and harden the eurogroup's resolve against buckling to Greek demands. This implies even less chance of Greece being offered generous debt restructuring concessions.

Recent Algerian Oil Production Growth Unsustainable

With limited new production and accelerating decline rates at major producing fields, we see the recent growth in Algerian oil output as unsustainable; production will fall back into decline from 2018.

Scioli And Macri To Emerge As Presidential Frontrunners

As the Argentine general election in October 2015 nears, Daniel Scioli of the incumbent Frente para la Victoria (FpV) and Mauricio Macri of the centre-right Propuesta Republicana will emerge as the strongest presidential contenders. Frente Renovador candidate, Sergio Massa, will see his campaign stall as Macri positions himself as the leading challenger to the FpV.

Long-Term Contract Signals Shift In LNG Market

Grupo Bolognesi's impending LNG supply deal marks a significant shift in the Brazilian power market, bringing an end to Petrobras' monopoly within the sector. The long-term purchase agreement, the first in the history of the country, supports our view that Brazil will offer significant opportunities for LNG exporters over the next five years.

Tensions To Rise Amid Economic Deterioration And Impending Elections

A deteriorating economy in Venezuela will heighten already-elevated political tensions as we approach legislative elections scheduled to take place by end-2015. President Nicolás Maduro's accusations against foreign meddling by the US will further inflate tensions both domestically and abroad.

Perfect Storm To Result In Political Paralysis

The political situation in Yemen will remain extremely fragile in 2015. A highly unstable semi-federalised state will likely emerge over the next few years, with the local branch of al-Qaeda becoming increasingly active. We cannot rule out the possibility of a return to full-blown civil war, or external intervention from Saudi Arabia and other GCC states.

Tanzania Leads African Beer In Profitability

Tanzania is the most profitable major African beer market based on the operating performance of Tanzania Breweries Limited. A population above 40mn, relatively low per capita commercial beer consumption and a favourable economic outlook will ensure Tanzania remains amongst the most profitable regional markets over the 2019 forecast period.