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Articles List

E-Bus Boom Carrying BYD To New Heights

Marketing electric vehicles to government and public transport companies will provide some of the strongest source of demand for ultra-low emissions vehicle producers over the next five years. This is evident in the strong success of BYD Auto in the public transport space.

New Developments A Solid Enterprise Strategy For Safaricom

Safaricom unit Jiji Smart's focus on large scale real estate projects is a sound way to tap into the increasing reliance on high quality communications solutions among businesses in Kenya. Over the longer term, Jiji Smart will enable Safaricom to expand into much more complex IoT solutions for new projects across a wide range of sectors, such as transport and power.

Economic Weakness Not Hitting Food Retail Yet

A weakening labour market and fragile consumer sentiment in Brazil will gradually weigh on food retail sales, which have so far been relatively unscathed by the country's economic troubles as consumers first cut back on discretionary purchases. Carrefour is well positioned to maintain strong sales growth, thanks to a strong presence in the cash-and-carry and convenience formats.

Drinks Manufacturing Consolidations Continue with £4.3bn Deal

Following a wave of consolidation in beverage manufacturing over the past ten years, more supply chain industries like can manufacturing will aim to consolidate in order to improve their relative bargaining power and generate revenue and cost synergies.

North East Asia Security Overview - Q4 2015

North East Asia will experience increasing geopolitical tensions as China rises and Japan seeks to counterbalance Beijing with US support. Although North Korea and Taiwan are traditionally the main flashpoints in the region, other sources of instability, such as the Sino-Japanese maritime dispute, will merit greater attention and will require a major effort to manage.

Manitoba Contract Extension Consolidates Reforms

BMI View: Nigeria's decision to extend Manitoba Hydro International's contract to manage the country's electricity grid - TCN - will establish some policy and operating continuity and supports our view that President Buhari will consolidate the previous government's power sector reform plans.

Tax Cuts And Currencies No Saviour For Car Sales

In Argentina, tax cuts for domestically -produced premium passenger cars as well as added hard currency availability for some producers will provide only marginal upward support to passenger car sales and production.

Market Will Remain Dominated By Indian Generics

Tanzania's pharmaceutical sector will continue to be dominated by generic drugmakers, largely those from India. Although government encouragement of domestic pharmaceutical production will increase domestic output, the majority of the country's pharmaceutical needs will remain sourced from abroad.