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Low Cost, Content Relevance Underpin Qubit's Expansion Strategy

Qubit will be moderately successful in its expansion across Latin America. Its range of locally-relevant content and low cost will be the main factors for success in competing with traditional pay-TV offers, whose services are much more expensive for the consumer.

Merger To Be Positive For Islamic Banking Sector

The ongoing merger talks between RHB Bank and AmBank mark a step in Malaysia’s efforts to further the reach of Islamic banking in the region and if successful, would help Malaysia consolidate its position as a leading Islamic banking hub in Southeast Asia. However, we note that the negotiations face headwinds and that the non-Islamic banking sector is likely to remain the mainstay of the banking sector over the coming quarters.

Battulga's Presidential Victory Unlikely To Affect Ruling MPP's Policy-making

The Democratic Party will retain the office of president following Khaltmaa Battulga's victory during the July 9 second round run-off of the presidential election, but we believe that he is unlikely to significantly influence the ruling Mongolian People's Party policy-making ability due to the current administration's dominance in the parliament. The business environment for the natural resources sector is therefore likely to be favourable over the coming years, while the new president will continue to pursue the 'Third Neighbour' policy.

Rising Use Of Credit A Boon For CV Demand

The growing use of credit will increase the private sector's participation in driving growth in the construction industry, thereby driving robust growth in demand for commercial vehicles over our forecast period.

Sustainability Driving Building Materials Innovation

Innovation in building materials will drive cost savings, energy efficiency in buildings, and overall industry sustainability. Companies in the construction space will need to increasingly adopt the latest building material technology to satisfy growing environmental, social, and governance considerations on the part of governments and investors. We note further that doing so will afford them access to the burgeoning 'green bond' market, allowing them to complement traditional sources of financing.

New Policy Rate Will Have Limited Impact On Inflation

The introduction of a new policy rate by Mozambique's central bank in Q217 is unlikely to have a significant impact on the country's inflation dynamics over the coming months, which will instead be dictated primarily by the more stable outlook for food and fuel prices. However, the new rate is a reflection of Mozambique's efforts to conform to IMF guidelines in the hope it will expedite re-engagement with the Fund.

C/A Deficit Improvements Constrained By Rising Energy Imports

An improving outlook for Moroccan exporters, amid rising phosphate production and a positive economic momentum in the eurozone, will be mitigating by rising energy imports as oil prices recover. Strong foreign direct investment flows, remittances and rising foreign reserves over the past few years will ensure the country's capacity to finance its deficits.

Shifting Patterns In Global Oil Demand

Global fuels demand will continue to grow over the next ten years according to our forecasts, though at a slower rate than seen in recent years. Improving vehicle efficiency will moderate passenger vehicle oil demand growth, though air travel, road freight and petrochemical demand will see an increase in use of oil.

Gene Editing Will Be Next Focus Of Cancer Pipelines

The oncology treatment landscape will evolve faster than other therapy areas, primarily driven by intense research and the high margin nature of the market. Targeted therapy will remain the backbone of treatments with immuno-oncology becoming an adjunctive therapy, replacing the role of chemotherapies. Gene editing will be the next wave of oncology research and big pharma's interest will soon be piqued as early results from first-in-human trials emerge.




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