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Articles List

Operating Risks Will Hinder Investment Appeal

Despite the significant downturn in the country's macroeconomic outlook, pharmaceutical sales in Brazil will remain on a positive growth trajectory over the coming years. Considerable commercial opportunities will remain appealing to foreign investors, but will not entirely mitigate critical operational risk as Brazil's contracting economy will worsen the country's business and operating environments, which already suffer from inadequate logistics and security deficiencies.

Beer Majors To Address Low Margins Through Marketing And M&A

China will remain a bright spot in the global beer industry from a growth perspective, despite slower growth than in previous years. Beer majors will focus on improving profitability in the country, by addressing market fragmentation and the no-frills image of beer. This will increase consolidation and competition in the sector.

Crib Sheet: Greek Deal Reduces Grexit Risks

Greece: Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras faces a battle to prevent a collapse of his Syriza administration. We have long argued that agreeing to a new bailout and associated austerity conditions would split the Syriza administration, and this view looks to be playing out. Although opposition support for eurozone membership means the Greek parliament will most likely ratify reforms needed to clinch a third bailout deal, we hold to our conviction that the Syriza administration will not survive in its current form until the end of the year. A national unity government or fresh elections are looking increasingly likely.

Myanmar Will Win Race To Motorisation

BMI View: Myanmar will reach the level of GDP per capita required to boost motorisation first out of the three regional neighbours, but not until 2019. Carmakers that have built brand awareness through the second hand market will be poised to take advantage when new sales gain traction.

Non-Communicable Diseases To Dominate In Near Future

Gabon will become one of the first Sub-Saharan African countries where the burden of non-communicable diseases will exceed that of communicable diseases. The country's oil revenues have resulted in high relative wealth levels, and a greater prevalence of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

Bunker Fuel: Weak Demand, Oil Price To Cap IFO

We are bearish for IFO and MGO prices in the short-term, and see underperformance in the long-term against rising oil prices. We forecast IFO 180 to average USD376.31/tonne, and MGO to average USD539.29/tonne in 2015.

Construction Hotspots: Australia, Egypt, Colombia and the UK

Australia, Egypt, Colombia and the UK are markets which hold significant opportunities over the coming 12-months. As hotspots, these markets offer opportunities for investors and construction firms alike, reflecting strong regulatory environments, large project pipelines and diversified funding options.

South East Asia Security Overview - Q4 2015

South East Asia will face rising security challenges over the coming decade, largely in the form of military tensions in the South China Sea, as geopolitical competition between China and the US intensifies. Islamist militancy, piracy, and low-level ethnic conflicts will also remain salient risks.