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Articles List

Novo Nordisk To Remain Leader In Global Diabetes Market

Novo Nordisk continues to experience robust sales growth and dominate the global diabetes market. While its key modern insulin products have seen a slowdown in sales growth due to increased competition, the company's next-generation insulin products have seen substantial uptake, boding well for future earnings.

Major Impediments, Risks To Economic Recovery

While we believe the reaching of a peace deal between Tripoli and Tobruk in H216 will allow Libya's unity government to progress with programmes to restore oil output - improving the outlook for growth from 2017 - any sustained economic recovery will be slow and subject to heightened political risk.

Cgates-Remo To Accelerate Pay-TV Market Consolidation

By purchasing regional operators, Cgates is steadily expanding its geographic footprint and establishing itself as a converged services provider to be reckoned with. The consolidation trend is gaining momentum in the Baltic cable TV market, which will result in a less fragmented market.

LNG To Challenge IOC Business Model

The increasing weighting of LNG in the portfolios of major integrated oil companies will challenge traditional business models.

Alcohol Market Hit By Macro Headwinds

Brazil's alcohol market value will contract over 2016 as price-conscious consumers increasingly favour value segments. Growth in the market will recover during the second half of our forecast period as the economic climate improves.

Pfizer Split To Build Momentum

Regardless of whether Pfizer splits into two companies or remains as a hybrid innovative/established products firm, the company will continue being a serial acquirer. Pfizer is especially likely to purchase late-stage product candidates or recently launched medicines, rather than early-stage investigational agents. We maintain the view that Pfizer will split, as senior management, in the wake of the failed AstraZeneca and Allergan deals, will want to deliver on stated intentions.

China Commodity Speculation Frenzy - Q&A

The surge in commodity trading volumes in China over 2016 has been a key driver of higher commodity prices in the year-to-date. Below we answer some of the key questions we have received from our clients:

Has Scotland's Independence Bandwagon Stalled?

Scottish politics is re-aligning around the independence question rather than a traditional left-right ideological split. The Scottish National Party lost its outright majority in the May 5 election amid tactical voting by unionist voters, and a best-ever performance by the strongly pro-UK Conservative party. With the SNP having lost some momentum, a second independence referendum is looking less likely in the short term unless the UK votes for Brexit.

Mercedes-Benz Plant Investment Supports Global Leadership Bid

Mercedes-Benz's investment to develop its next generation of compact cars in Hungary will help the German automaker become the best selling luxury carmaker ahead of its 2020 target, supported by a growing European car market and expansions in key markets such as China.

Davutoglu Resignation: Political And Economic Implications

The resignation of Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu will not significantly change the balance of power or broad trajectory of Turkish politics, with ultimate authority remaining with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The move does underscore Turkey's drift towards authoritarianism, however, which has negative implications for financial markets and growth.