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Articles List

Daimler's EQ brand launch supported by global operations

Daimler's launch of its all-electric vehicle brand, EQ, will receive support from the company's well-established business network across the globe. By leveraging its ride-hailing platforms and sophisticated global production network, Daimler will be able to effectively grow sales of its EV brand when it is fully launched by 2025.

Global risk from regulatory fragmentation

As mergers become more sophisticated and involve global rather than national companies, there is a growing risk of regulatory fragmentation, as one regulator can block a deal even if it has been approved by its peers. In the case of global online players, the EC is the body most likely to scrutinise future deals in-depth.

The next Supreme Leader: assessing potential successors

Iran's next supreme leader will have enormous influence over the country's economic and political future. Hardline candidates have the greatest sway within the political establishment at present, and Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi is best placed to succeed Ayatollah Khamenei. This could herald a more anti-Western foreign policy stance and also greater domestic instability, as a power struggle is likely.

Oil production outlook brightening

Russian crude oil production continues to outperform, supported by low production costs and a renewed brownfield focus. We have revised up our production outlook for 2017 and 2018, given new field start ups and better mature asset management.

EM monetary policy: four key themes

We see four key themes in emerging market monetary policy: 1) a cautious unwinding of previous rate hikes in Brazil and Russia; 2) dovish policy in China, India and Indonesia; 3) inflationary pressures will build in Central and Eastern Europe; 4) idiosyncratic domestic dynamics are at play in Egypt, Mexico and Turkey.

Americas RRI: Central America is highest risk autos market

The high concentration of Central American markets in the 'high risk, low reward' segment of our Risk/Reward Index for the autos sector in the Americas region suggests that this is one of the most challenging sub-regions for carmakers to operate in.

Duterte's foreign policy shift to undermine US' geopolitical influence

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's apparent foreign policy shift away from the US towards China could substantially undermine Washington's geopolitical influence in Asia at a time when tensions between Beijing and its neighbours are rising. As a result, the US and Japan will increasingly attempt to cultivate Vietnam as a regional security partner in the South China Sea.

MEA power: key regional themes

MENA will outperform the SSA over our 10-year forecast period, as power markets within the region progress with power capacity expansion projects to meet robust power consumption growth.

Week ahead: stalling industry a sign of things to come

August industrial production (IP) growth figures are due to released in the week ahead for a number of countries across the eurozone, which will give us a further indication of the economic impact of the UK's decision to leave the EU.

Leaning towards NATO, but full membership remains elusive

While Finland's government and public opinion still oppose NATO membership, we believe that a deterioration of regional security or Swedish membership could entice Finland to eventually join the alliance. However, our core view is that instead of joining NATO, Finland and Sweden will seek to bolster its bilateral security ties with the alliance.