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Articles List

Drug Companies Will Embrace Technology To Improve Drug Adherence

Drugmakers will increasingly invest in internet and mobile based technologies that improve patient medicines compliance, including intelligent drug design, medical devices and Smartphone apps. Patient adherence to prescription regimens increase the effectiveness of medicines, thereby improving health outcomes and in turn facilitating drug approvals, pricing and reimbursement.

UK Votes Leave: What Next?

In the wake of the UK's momentous decision to leave the European Union, we have published a special report bringing together BMI's country risk and industry sector analysis to explain what 'Brexit' might entail both for the UK and for countries further afield.

Brexit: Macro Implications

We see clear downside risks to our initial post-Brexit estimate for 2017 real GDP growth of 0.8%, but continue to believe outright recession can be avoided.

A Disunited Kingdom: Scotland To Hold Indyref2?

A second Scottish Independence Referendum is now our core scenario following the UK's vote to leave the European Union. Scotland voted 62.0% in favour of remaining in the EU, and the Scottish National Party will claim that 'Brexit' represents a fundamental change in Scotland's constitutional relationship that justifies a second referendum. We believe that there is a strong likelihood that the SNP could win such a vote.

Toyota, Mitsubishi CARS Approval To Boost Production

The approval of Mitsubishi and Toyota as participating carmakers of the Philippines' Comprehensive Automotive Resurgence Strategy Program will help boost domestic passenger vehicle production and create opportunities for component suppliers. As a result, we are revising up our passenger vehicle production forecast to 37.1% average annual growth over 2017-2020, up from previously forecasted average annual growth of 13.15%.

Light Vehicle Market Set For 2017 Decline

We forecast light vehicle sales to achieve growth of only 0.9% in 2016, dragged down by a rapidly declining passenger car segment. This sets the scene in 2017 for the market's first full-year contraction since the financial crisis.

Corruption Scandals Highlight Risks For Drugmakers

High levels of corruption, poor quality of care and chronic underfunding in the public healthcare system is instigating a trend of patients looking increasingly towards the private sector. While corruption is being addressed, challenges remain for drugmakers, particularly in the patented medicines segment. Nevertheless, sales will be boosted by increasing accessibility to medicines as well as strong economic growth.

Brexit Referendum: What To Look Out For

Polls are now open for the British referendum on membership of the European Union, and we retain our long-held view that by the early morning of 24 June a vote to remain as part of the EU will have won. Until the polls close at 22:00 the result remains up in the air, but there are some potential signals and influences that may have an effect on the result, and could give an indication of which way the result is swinging.

Oncology Sector Will Witness Intense Competition

Investment in oncology will become increasingly risky due to the low approval rate, strong competition and increasing drug-pricing pressures. The majority of upcoming developments will introduce only small improvements in detection and treatment, and will fail to attract investors' interests due to the poor commercial outcomes compared with recent success for anticancer agents.

Tesla Motors To Build USD9bn Shanghai Factory

All-electric vehicle automotive company Tesla Motors has reportedly signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding with Chinese firm Jinqiao Group to build a USD9bn electric vehicle factory in Shanghai, China.