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Articles List

Political Reform At A Snail's Pace

Political reform in Bulgaria will remain a slow process, hindered by a fractious parliament that is resistant to change. As a result, the country's convergence towards EU standards in judicial independence and anti-corruption will falter.

Export Growth To 2024 Limited To Regional Markets

Large-scale gas exports from Iran will take at least five years to materialise. Such an increase depends on a significant ramp-up in production and the build-up of the necessary export infrastructure.

Financial Stability At Risk: Global Implications

China's equity crash is far from over, and is likely to expose the weak underlying nature of the economy. More monetary easing is likely, but will be akin to pushing on a string, while the property market is increasingly at risk. Reforms are set to take a backseat as the risk of a recession and/or financial crisis grows.

Jokowi A Year On: Maritime Plans A Priority

President Joko Widodo's infrastructure drive will hinge on the capacity and commitment of the government to implement key policy changes, with improvements in the legal framework for public-private partnerships positive initial steps. Efforts to develop infrastructure will be largely influenced by plans to expand the country's role as a global maritime axis and will prioritise development of key projects along the domestic sea route.

Policy Failure Jeopardising Future Of Autos Manufacturing

Hopes of reviving vehicle production in Venezuela are quickly disintegrating following Ford's failed attempt to sell its products in US dollars, amid heightened pressures on the country's managed exchange rate system. The risk of a major manufacturer exiting the country is now high.

Corruption Scandal Will Open Regional Competitive Landscape

The Petrobras corruption scandal is increasingly threatening Brazilian construction firms' capacity to carry out and ability to win contracts for projects across the region. A pullback or withdrawal of these firms would mean significant opportunities for other large international construction firms to fill the void left in the Latin American infrastructure industry.

Upcoming Elections Threaten Precarious Recovery

Rising political risk will create uncertainty and delay fixed investment in Spain, posing a downside risk to our infrastructure forecasts. A failure to establish a functional coalition or, alternatively, the installation of a minority government, present considerable risks to construction industry growth as policy making will be delayed and investor sentiment will weaken.

Iran's Opening: 10 Charts Showing Huge Opportunities and Risks

The unwinding in sanctions on Iran opens up one of the largest emerging markets to foreign investment and trade. There is huge potential across a range of sectors - in particular oil and gas and various consumer markets. However, there are structural impediments to growth, particularly within the business environment.

Commercial Opportunities Will Grow Despite Market Risks

Despite Colombia's struggle with counterfeit medicines, the country's large and burgeoning population, rising medicine expenditure and recent legislative commitments to improving healthcare access will continue to offer positive appeal to foreign investors.