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Articles List

Collapse in Global Oil Prices Will Damage Canada's Economic Growth

The collapse in global oil prices will see Canada's energy-related fixed investment fall and rising unemployment hurt household spending levels this year and next. Our latest oil-price revisions have prompted us to downgrade Canada's real GDP growth forecast from 2.1% to 1.5% in 2015, placing us firmly below consensus expectations.

Encouraging Growth Prospects Over The Coming Decade

Israel's economy will undergo a steady expansion over the coming decade, driven by elevated export and gross fixed capital formation growth. Political risks will remain significant and the key downside risk to growth.

Changes Ahead In Fast-Growing Infant Formula Sector

Infant formula sales in China will grow strongly over the next five years, supported by booming demand for premium products following food safety scandals and the revision of the one-child policy. Manufacturers need to adjust to shifting preferences in terms of distribution channels and stricter regulations on production and sales.

Construction Phase Key Risk Across Asia

BMI's Project Risk Index indicates that developed markets in Asia have the lowest project risk for investors and developers, while the construction phase of an infrastructure project harbours the greatest risk. Although financing appears to be the least risky stage, we highlight the significant disparity between countries in this regard, with risk pronounced in certain South East Asian economies.

LCV Boom Creating Challenges Ahead

In line with our bullish view on light commercial vehicle (LCV) demand, LCVs have continued to outperform other vehicle segments in the EU and European Free Trade Area in 2015. However, past 2015, sales growth will lag behind LCV production, stressing the need for automakers to boost exports outside the region.

Gas Pipeline Developments To Remain Attractive

The development of natural gas pipelines in Mexico will generate continued investor interest over the next several years as the country increases imports of US natural gas. First Reserve's second large scale venture into the financing of midstream projects in Mexico cements Mexico midstream as a new market opportunity for alternative asset investors.

Suzuki Investment Raises Risk Of Losses

Suzuki Motor's effort to position itself as the largest incumbent light vehicle manufacturer in Myanmar will increase risks for the company due to its weak market presence and Myanmar's increasing economic integration with the ASEAN region.

Increasing Healthcare Access To Drive Growth

Implementation of Côte d'Ivoire's universal healthcare scheme will drive demand for prescription medicines, with generic drugmakers the likely beneficiaries. The government will increase its share of the total healthcare market over the long term. More hospitals and clinics will be opened, increasing access to medical services.