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Articles List

GDP Rankings: Frontier Markets To Become Increasingly Important

Asia's economy will continue to play an increasingly important role over the next decade as its share of global GDP rises from 33% in 2015 to 38% by 2025. This will be led in part by strong growth in emerging and frontier markets such as India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Bangladesh. While financial hubs such as Hong Kong and Singapore will see their share of regional GDP shrink on the back of their lower growth rates, they will nonetheless remain important markets given their high levels of GDP per capita.

Wind Out Of Brent's Sails For Now

We believe that bearish fundamentals and dampening sentiment, when combined with weakening technicals, makes a significant downwards move in crude prices increasingly likely over the coming weeks. This is due to our scepticism around OPEC's output cut, rampant Russian output and revitalised US production.

The Use Of Technology Will Improve Healthcare Delivery

The need to improve healthcare access and advance healthcare delivery efficiency will drive the implementation of healthcare technology across the Middle East. The uptake of information health systems and telecare initiatives in the region will be supported by factors such as solid foundations for healthcare infrastructure, increasing penetration of mobile phone usage and greater consumer health-consciousness. As telecare services gain traction within the Middle East's healthcare industry, this will provide significant commercial opportunities for companies looking to invest in the telecare sector.

EMs to spur growth in luxury spending

Over 2017, emerging markets will present strong growth opportunities for luxury retailers on the back of a rebound in economic growth, rapid growth in high-income households and a positive consumption outlook. We have identified India as a key growth market for luxury companies, underpinned by a positive economic outlook and accelerating growth in the number of high-income households.

Megatrends Will Catalyze Surge In Modular Construction

A number of catalysts - including a push towards energy efficiency and green construction, Chinese adoption and financing, BIM, and focus on whole lifecycle costs - will lead to increased adoption of modular construction techniques. This will offer opportunities for cost reductions, increased flexibility, quicker development times, and overall productivity enhancement; however, benefits will be limited to regions with established logistics networks.

EV Growth Would Boost Power Demand, Support Grid Stability

A significant increase of EVs in mature power markets would stimulate an uptick in power demand providing some solace for utilities operating in stagnating markets, while also helping grid operators balance power supply and demand via vehicle-to-grid projects.

Power T&D Investment To Grow During Next Presidency

US utilities and grid operators will focus on expanding and upgrading power transmission and distribution infrastructure over the next four years, creating business opportunities for EPC providers.

Drone Technology To Expand Medicine Access And Increase Drugmaker Revenues

The increased utilisation of drone technology will expand medicine access to remote populations in developing countries, creating upside revenue potential for drugmakers. The utility of drone-based delivery systems will depend on cost, efficiency and safety; these elements were key to the approval of Costa Rica's drone delivery programme and health systems across Latin America will seek to replicate this approach. Low infrastructure investment in Latin America and a fragile operating environment will create the strategic rationale for health systems to adopt drone delivery programmes.