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3D Printing In Construction: First Movers To Reap Benefits

First movers with regard to 3D printing in the construction space will reap considerable cost and efficiency gains vis a vis competitors relying on conventional construction methods. While 3D printing is set to have a more immediate impact in the residential and commercial building sectors, we see broad scope for its adoption across the infrastructure spectrum in the longer term, particularly as diversified construction firms with global scale increasingly target innovators in the field.

Key Themes For 2017

A modest rebound in oil and metals prices will offer long-awaited relief to Sub-Saharan Africa's economic outlook, bolstering fiscal revenues, reducing downward pressure on currencies and tempering price growth. That said, with economic gains likely to be gradual and an increased likelihood of development and military aid being pared back, security risks and social unrest will remain elevated.

Natural Declines Give Non-OPEC Deal A Chance

An agreement by non-OPEC members to cut production is achievable, given support from Russia and a number of countries facing structural output declines.

Tighter Standards Will Drag On Fuel Demand Growth

Stricter fuel quality standards in West Africa will drag on refined fuel consumption growth, due to elevated import prices of high-quality fuel and more efficient burn. The introduction of new fuel-quality standards in West Africa aligns with our global view that the drive for clean fuels is accelerating.

American Tower Best Placed To Exploit Untapped Towers Market

American Tower's investment in Argentina will be the catalyst for increased investment in the country's biggest weak spot. Infrastructure in the country is not up to the task of helping consumers transition to next generation platforms and increased consumption of advanced, premium services. We expect other towers companies to consider investing here.

Americas Fertiliser Outlook

The Americas region will see stronger growth in fertiliser production than consumption out to 2020. North American nitrogen and potash producers will face incentives to maintain steady output growth, while slower grains production in the Americas region will translate into lower growth in fertiliser demand. Brazil and Argentina will outperform the continent in terms of fertiliser demand, although weak currencies will weigh on fertiliser imports.

Opportunities For Drugmakers Prevalent Despite Challenges

Within the wider East Africa region, Kenya's pharmaceutical market will be viewed as a particularly attractive investment destination by international drugmakers given its favourable growth outlook, driven by its evolving disease burden and expanding healthcare coverage. Given the low purchasing power of the population, however, the majority of drugs in circulation are generic medicines, though the presence of multinationals suggests that there is a market for high-value medicines in Kenya as well.

Asia: Key Themes For 2017

Below are the most important trends we expect to play out for the Asia Pacific region over the course of 2017, many of which will have a significant bearing on economic and political risks in individual countries as well as on the region as a whole. We believe that China is nearing an inflection point, and as such, three of the themes relate to the country. Our key themes are:

Key Themes For Food & Drink In 2017

With 2016 coming to an end, we highlight our key global views for the Food & Drink sector in 2017. It will be a difficult year for F&D majors, as they deal with declines in sales of traditional products in developed markets, as consumers move towards healthier, niche brands. Innovation and technology is playing a critical role in these markets, forcing the big companies to adjust their product portfolios to catch up.




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