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Articles List

State-Set Fuel Prices To Block Refinery Upgrades

Inflationary pressures will limit the government's ability to raise domestic fuels prices; low state-set fuels prices will continue to delay upgrading of the country's refineries, leading to persistently poor operational efficiencies, low utilisation rates and a rising dependence on imported fuels.

Power Crisis Threatens EV Infrastructure Plans

BMI View: Delays to power projects and Eskom's financial situation will add to the obstacles to EV adoption in South Africa. Attempts to build a charging network will be outweighed by the fragile power supply.

LNG Growth To Bolster Asia's Gas Market Share Over 10 Years

Asia's share of global gas production will grow from 15.5% to 16.3% over the next decade. Though strong production growth will allow countries such as Australia and Papua New Guinea to increase their liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports, strong import demand in the region's emerging economies such as China and India will ensure Asia remain the largest net importer of LNG in the world over our forecast period to 2024.

Bottom For Sugar Prices Approaching

We maintain our long-held belief that sugar prices will head higher in H215, despite front-month ICE sugar recently hitting a new six-year low.

Government Policy Establishes A Burgeoning IT Market

IBM's decision to establish a local office demonstrates Kazakhstan's growing attractiveness as an IT services market. ICT has developed well over the past two years and we expect this to continue through government policy and growing foreign investment.

More Targeted Capex The New Normal In Food Retail

The greatest food retail opportunities in developed markets will be in convenience and e-commerce. Leading global retailers will maintain moderate levels of capital expenditure over the coming years. While Walmart and Carrefour will focus their spending on e-commerce and improved services, Tesco will continue to cut capital expenditure, reflecting excessive store expansion in the past.

FIFA Turmoil Creates New World Cup Risk

The initiation of Swiss and US investigations into alleged corruption in world's footballing governing body FIFA is once again fuelling uncertainty over Qatar's hosting of the 2022 World Cup. While our baseline scenario assumes that the tournament will go ahead in Qatar as planned, the loss of the rights to the event would hit growth on several fronts.

Rising Tensions Will Weigh On Economic Growth

Escalating political tensions in Sierra Leone, while unlikely to flare up into civil war, will weigh on economic growth in 2015 and 2016 through prolonging the Ebola crisis and discouraging investment.

CNNPC IPO Supports Bullish China Nuclear View

An IPO in Shanghai by CNNPC affirms our bullish outlook on China's nuclear power sector. CNNPC will use the equity funding to drive ahead with the development of its domestic nuclear reactors and to export Chinese-developed nuclear technology around the world.