Why BMI?

Find out why our forecasts, data and analyses are used by multinationals, governments and financial institutions to guide critical strategic, tactical and investment decisions

Trusted by global businesses

Professionally respected expert insight

Access macroeconomic coverage, risk assessments and detailed sector analysis from an industry leading and trusted research provider used by key business organisations.

BMI has been the most trusted source in identifying the macroeconomic trends across countries, and monitoring the country risk.

- Head of Competitive and Market Intelligence - SAP

Extensive scope of coverage

In-depth analysis of over 200 developed, emerging and frontier markets across 22 industry verticals, as well as country-risk, financial markets and company intelligence. This provides a business/investor-focused world-view to understand the changing business environment from all perspectives.

It greatly covers a number of verticals from both global and regional perspectives, provides some data/insights that can hardly be found elsewhere. Moreover, and what´s also very important, BMI has always been very reliable and responsive.

- Vendor Management Team - IBM

Integrated Approach

At BMI Research, we implement Total Analysis, a unique and highly-integrated research methodology that leverages our combined expertise in Country Risk, Industry Risk, Financial Markets and Commodities. This unique approach ensures our research and forecasts are consistent, forward looking and accurate.

BMI allows us to go to clients with more knowledge and drill down into specific insight in various industries. It allows us to be several paces ahead when we meet with new prospects.

- Director - KC Chamber

Proven Track Record

Our analysts have a proven track record in monitoring industry developments and evolving business strategies, highlighting the most pertinent risks and opportunities in your chosen markets.

BMI provides us and Marsh clients/prospects with a recognized, authoritative and unbiased source of intelligence and advice that complements and extends Marsh's insurance-based offerings to clients.

- US and Canada Practice Leader - Marsh


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