Kenya: East Africa Logistics Outperformer

BMI highlights Kenya as the logistics outperformer in East Africa when compared to Tanzania, with the country benefiting from a more developed port sector and stronger transport links than its neighbour. Kenya and Tanzania both offer companies entry and exit points into the East Africa Community (EAC) and other hinterland states and so are set to compete with one another in the logistics sphere. Kenya is taking the lead and has been picked by the EAC as the regional hub for its autos trade. Auto companies are already making inroads into Kenya, with India carmaker Tata choosing the country as its entry point to the region. While Kenya may be our EAC logistics outperformer, the country ranks mid-table in comparison with the seven sub-Saharan African countries (the others are Angola, Botswana, Ghana, Namibia, Nigeria and Tanzania) which we have identified as offering strong opportunities to the automotives sector and which we are analysing from a logistics point of view. Download the free whitepaper now or register first for access.

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