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Middle East & Africa Investment Opportunities In Power

The MENA region is characterised by the divergence between the robust rewards on offer and the elevated risks facing investors. The UAE remains the best performing market in the region due to attractive power sector fundamentals and the low-risk...

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Europe Investment Opportunities In Real Estate

German commercial real estate offers significant potential for investment, with the office and retail sub-sectors outperforming regional markets. Instability in the eurozone, dwindling global demand and rising debt have been shrugged off by strong...

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Asia Investment Opportunities In Petrochemicals

The average Risk/Reward Index (RRI) score for the Asian petrochemicals markets rose by 0.1 points this quarter, largely due to an improvement in market risks. This built on a similar rise in the previous quarter, but has not prompted a full recovery...

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Africa Investment Opportunities In Mining

SSA's mining sector will remain the riskiest in the world in the coming years as a series of regulatory changes across major mining countries erodes investor sentiment and leads to policy uncertainty. As an added headwind, SSA remains threatened by...

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Africa Investment Opportunities In Information Technology

New and revised demographic data have been incorporated into the Risk/Reward Indices for the Middle East and Africa this quarter. For some countries, the data suggest larger addressable markets than previously estimated; for others, the data show...

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Latin America Investment Opportunities In Food & Drink

Latin America performs poorly on a global basis, ranking fifth above only Sub-Saharan Africa, as prospects for rewards are offset by increasing risks. This is exemplified by the ongoing fallout from corruption scandals in Brazil, which is spilling...

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Developed States Investment Opportunities In Commercial Banking

The United States has the largest and most well-developed financial services sectors in the world as well as the most developed and deepest capital markets. Regional banks hold expertise in local and regional sub-national economies that provide...

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Asia Investment Opportunities In Autos

Asia is the highest scoring region in our Autos Production RRI thanks to the Rewards on offer in the high-growth emerging markets of the region, which is balanced by high scores for low risk in the developed states. China and India stand out as...

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