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North Africa Investment Opportunities In Telecoms

In the MENA region, operators will be focusing on services for revenue growth as they look to deepen relationships with customers and create new revenue streams. In the top markets, the focus will be on IoT ecosystems while the mid-tier markets are...

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Latin America Investment Opportunities In Telecoms

Brazil, Peru, Mexico and Chile lead the pack in the Q417 Latin America Risk/Reward Index. They are the most advanced countries in a region where the telecoms markets are in different phases in their transition towards advanced services. Operators...

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Latin America Investment Opportunities In Oil & Gas

Latin America underperforms across several components of our Upstream Oil & Gas RRI due to elevated above-ground risks. The region outperforms globally with respect to rewards thanks to a vast resource base and continued production growth,...

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MENA Investment Opportunities In Information Technology

New and revised demographic data have been incorporated into the Risk/Reward Indices for the Middle East and Africa this quarter. For some countries, the data suggest larger addressable markets than previously estimated; for others, the data show...

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Europe Investment Opportunities In Food & Drink

Central and Eastern Europe has overtaken the MENA region in our Q417 update to our Food & Non-Alcoholic Drinks Risk/Reward Index. This has been driven by a number of key markets including Poland, Romania and Hungary, where the economic outlook...

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Central America Investment Opportunities In Mining

BMI's industry forecasts are generated using the best-practice techniques of time-series modelling and causal/econometric modelling. The precise form of model we use varies from industry to industry, in each case being determined, as per standard...

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Central & Eastern Europe Investment Opportunities In Mining

Growth in the Polish mining sector will be modest while improving over the coming years. The coal sector will be overhauled as the government seeks to restructure unprofitable mines. Copper output will struggle as falling copper ore grades and weak...

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Asia Investment Opportunities In Commercial Banking

The fundamentals of Chinese commercial banks are starting to improve as earnings growth stabilise amid a decline in non-performing loans and a stable net interest margin, but the expansion in China's banking sector, in particular medium and small...

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Developed States Oil & Gas

Central and Eastern Europe ranks at the global average in our Upstream Risk/Reward Index. However, country scores within the region remain highly polarised between typically resource-rich producers and more economically and politically stable...

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