Kenya: Africa's Renewables Hotspot

Inefficiencies within Kenya's power sector and an overreliance on hydropower and diesel electricity generation are hindering economic and social growth in the country. However, the government is taking decisive steps to tackle the issues in its...

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Russian Rouble And Nigerian Naira In Freefall

The downside risk scenario of oil prices dropping to USD60/bbl looks increasingly plausible, with Brent crude falling to USD83/bbl as of late this week. This is having a severe negative impact on oil-exporting countries' currencies, with the Russian...

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Aerial Interceptions Raise Geopolitical Crisis Risks In Europe And Asia

Rising numbers of aerial interceptions between Russian and NATO aircraft in Europe, and between Chinese and Japanese/US aircraft in Asia, raise the risk of a new geopolitical crisis. NATO fighter jets intercepted a Russian military aircraft over...

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Bank Of Japan: Trick Or Treat?

The Bank of Japan (BoJ) surprised at its meeting on Friday, October 31, by expanding its asset purchase programme considerably. It will raise its purchases of Japanese government bonds (JGBs) to an annual pace of JPY80trn (USD715bn) compared with...

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Russia's Shift Towards China Faces Obstacles

As a result of its isolation by the West, we expect Russia to accelerate a pre-existing trend of developing closer relations with China. Moscow and Beijing have long resented US attempts to roll back their perceived spheres of influence and...

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Brazil: Slow Pace Of Reform To Prolong Economic Malaise

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff's second term will bring only piecemeal political and economic reforms, meaning that growth will continue to stagnate in the coming years. The president will enter her second term with a highly divided...

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Islamic State: Can Iraq's Growth Story Survive?

The rise of jihadist group Islamic State (IS) in Syria and Iraq poses enormous risks to stability in the Middle East and beyond. BMI believes that IS will remain a resilient fighting force for many years, and that the US involvement in the region...

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AEC: Assessing The Regional Impact

Progress towards the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), though slow, will continue to take place. Further economic integration and liberalisation under AEC goals will provide a continued tailwind to growth, particularly among the lesser developed...

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Brazilian Elections: Neves Presidency Would Boost Energy Outlook

Brazil is in the midst of one of its most competitive presidential campaigns in recent memory, with President Dilma Rousseff locked in a tough battle for re-election against opposition candidate Aécio Neves. Given the candidates' diverging...

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