Net Neutrality: Should All Internet Content Be Equal?

All Internet content should be treated equally. This statement, the fundamental principle of Net Neutrality, is being hotly debated by telecoms operators, content providers, regulators and consumers. Although this is an important consideration for...

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OPEC's Decision: Global Implications

Our expectation that OPEC would coordinate modest cuts in production has not played out, with the group deciding to maintain the 30mn b/d ceiling and let the markets take their course. Our risk scenario that OPEC inaction could push prices as low as...

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Moldova Election Looms As Flashpoint In Russia-West Relations

Moldova's parliamentary election on November 30 looms as a potential flashpoint in relations between Russia and the West. Moldova is currently ruled by a three-party Alliance for European Integration, which favours EU membership. However, as with...

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The PBoC Awakens

The People's Bank of China (PBoC) eased monetary policy unexpectedly on Friday, November 21, lowering its benchmark one-year lending rate by 40bps to 5.60% and the deposit rate by 25bps to 2.75%, effective November 22. At the same time, the PBoC...

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Global Economic Outlook: Warning Signs Growing

Whatever glimmers of optimism about global growth that existed at the start of 2014 have all but flickered out. There is increasing evidence that the eurozone recovery is stumbling, Abenomics is not working in Japan, the Chinese economic machine...

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Japan: Abe's Election Gamble

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's decision to call an early general election for December 14, 2014 is aimed at renewing his mandate to pursue his 'Abenomics' programme, while taking advantage of the extreme weakness of the opposition. Abe is...

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Lower Oil Prices: Limited Impact On Renewable Energy

BMI believes that falling oil prices pose only a limited threat to the growth prospects of renewable energy. There are two main reasons for this: Firstly, oil accounts for such a limited proportion of the global power mix, that a drop in prices (...

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Global Markets Update: US Dollar Becoming Overbought

Although we remain long-term US dollar bulls, the dollar is currently looking very overbought, and speculative bullishness has reached levels which have historically tended to result in near-term tops. With bearish divergence on the daily...

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A New Cold War?

The Russia-Ukraine conflict this year and the celebrations over the weekend marking the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall have rekindled memories of the Cold War. Many are asking whether Russia and the West are headed for a 'new Cold...

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