The 'Killer Robot' Menace

On July 28, more than 1,000 technology experts and scientists issued a statement warning of the dangers of artificially intelligent weapons systems, which have been dubbed 'killer robots' by the international media. The notion of robots being...

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Spanish Election Looming As Key Eurozone Risk

With the situation in Greece stabilising, we highlight one of the next big eurozone risks this year, the Spanish general election. We have already been discussing this for some time in our online service, and we believe that the risks associated...

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Have We Overestimated Africa's Consumer Story?

Rising incomes across Sub-Saharan Africa have attracted the interest of investors in the food and drink sector. Yet this consumer story is a layered one and some multinational companies are facing difficulties in establishing a strong consumer base...

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Are Markets Too Bearish on Brazil's Currency?

The piece was written by our Head of Americas Research, Mark Schaltuper, for the Financial Times beyond brics blog and has been reposted with permission. Brazil's economy - as beyondbrics readers know - is in serious trouble, and the unorthodox...

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Iran Beyond The Nuclear Deal

The nuclear deal between Iran and the P5+1 'great powers' is highly significant, and looks set to be the first step in a long-term rapprochement between Tehran and the West. We identified the geopolitical implications and economic opportunities of a...

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Critical Moments Approaching For Greece, Iran, And Maybe China

Future historians may well look back on this week in July 2015 as a crucial turning point. The Greek crisis appears to be nearing the endgame, with creditors having set Sunday, July 12 as their deadline for arranging the terms of a new bailout....

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China's Stock Market Rout: Our Thoughts

Below are our thoughts on the meltdown in Chinese equities and where we see stocks going from here. In broad terms, we believe that there is potential for a significant relief rally, given the sharp declines and the aggressive measures...

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'No' Vote Raises Chances Of 'Grexit'

The Greek people's overwhelming (61%) 'no' vote in the July 5 referendum on accepting bailout terms sharply increases the chances of a 'Grexit'. The European Central Bank (ECB) meets later today (July 6) to decide whether to extend further...

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China To 'Globalise' Military Reach Over Next Decade

China will dramatically increase its military presence overseas over the coming decade, to better protect its growing interests around the world. At present, China does not have a permanent military base outside its own territory, but the idea of...

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