US Likely To Attack Islamic State In Syria

It has become increasingly apparent in recent days that the US will attack Islamic State (IS) targets in Syria, most probably in the coming weeks. The militant group has a strong presence in north-eastern Syria as well as Iraq, and over the weekend...

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Obama's Foreign Policy 'Tetralemma'

US President Barack Obama's administration faces a major 'tetralemma' in terms of prioritising its foreign policy challenges. The four main geopolitical challenges for the US are (in west to east order): 1) the Russia-Ukraine crisis, 2) the...

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Americas GM Outlook: Limited Growth Ahead

The Americas region experienced the fastest growth in the world in genetically modified (GM) seed plantings over the past decade, and the region now accounts for around 85% of global GM plantings. However, BMI's Agribusiness team expects only...

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Iraq's Political Crisis: Is The Oil Sector Insulated?

Violent extremists have threatened the unity of Iraq - a key oil producer - but global crude markets appear largely unfazed. Are energy markets becoming increasingly immune to global political risk? Analysing this question are Ed Coughlan,...

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Global Economic Growth Facing Headwinds

There is increasing evidence that global growth is stuttering, with recent data from the world's largest economies suggesting that Q2 2014 expansion may have been worse than originally thought.  Headwinds are weighing heavily on Chinese,...

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Iraq: Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki To Fall From Power

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's hold on power has become untenable. On August 11, Iraq's new president nominated Haider al-Abadi, a member of Maliki's Dawa party, to form a new government and replace Maliki, who has fallen out of favour with...

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A World Of City States?

For some years now, social scientists and some economic historians have spoken about how cities are displacing nation-states as the most important actors on the world stage. According to the city-state theorists, cities are where all the...

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Full Impact Of Ebola Yet To Be Felt

Since the first officially reported case in Guinea on March 21, the West Africa Ebola outbreak has spread to three other countries (Sierra Leone, Liberia and, most recently, Nigeria). At the time of writing, the virus is thought to have...

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Geopolitical Concerns, Economic Interests, And The Battle Of Wills

One of the more interesting aspects of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis is that it is testing how far the West and Russia are willing to go in terms of sustaining economic damage for the sake of perceived geopolitical gains. The crisis is also...

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China The Main 'Winner' Of Russia-Ukraine Crisis

Now that six months have elapsed since the start of the Russia-Ukraine crisis, it is clear that China is the main geopolitical beneficiary. This was already evident some months ago, but is even clearer now that the rift between Russia and the West...

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