Why Russia's Grip On European Energy Is Weakening

Russia's economic and political influence in Europe is in decline, as its grip on Europe's energy markets diminishes. While Russia will remain a major supplier of European energy for the foreseeable future, its footprint in the region is being undermined by tighter EU legislation and energy diversification, both of which have been largely driven by a desire by Europe to reduce dependence on Russian energy.

In Business Monitor Online this week, we published a special feature on this theme, discussing both the EU's and Russia's policy options.

This Week's Trivia Question

Last week's questions were as follows: What rare object did the US recently hand over to Iran as a gesture of goodwill amid the two countries' current rapprochement? And separately, in the latest World Bank 'Doing Business' rankings, which European country scored best for ease of 'Starting a Business'? Which African country made it into the top 10 in this category?

The answer to the first question is a 2,700-year old griffin-shaped silver cup from ancient Iran. The answers to the second questions are Macedonia and Rwanda, respectively.

This week's question is as follows: Which currency this week marked the 30th anniversary of the adoption of its peg to the US dollar, with no change in sight? Hint: the currency peg in question has withstood extremely turbulent events, including financial crises, disease, and even a change in sovereignty.