Russia: After The Ukraine Crisis – Assessing The Damage

What will happen to Russia's long-term economic growth after the crisis with Ukraine?

What does the future hold for Russian President Vladimir Putin, and what political risks does he now face?

Can Europe reduce its dependency on energy imports from Russia, and can Russia 'rebalance' its gas exports towards Asia?

These are just some of the themes we assess in our new special report, Russia: After The Ukraine Crisis – Assessing The Damage. The report outlines the long-term political and economic trends that will define Russia's trajectory over the next decade. It also examines the impact of the Russia-Ukraine crisis on Russia's energy, agribusiness, autos, and shipping sectors.

In many cases, we expect the crisis to accelerate trends that were already underway, such as Russia's deteriorating relations with the US, its increasing focus on trade with Asia, and Europe's attempts to diversify away from Russian gas supplies.

Much is at stake.