New BMI Special Report: Thailand's Political Crisis: Assessing The Economic Costs

BMI has just published a special report examining the impact of Thailand's political crisis on the country's economic outlook and the prospects for key industry sectors. We detail our core view on Thailand's medium-term political outlook, provide an overview of how political dynamics will impact the macroeconomic trajectory, and discuss key developments in the automotive, construction, and agribusiness sectors, among others.

Key topics covered include:

  • Analysis on the most likely political scenarios over the coming years.
  • Our views and forecasts of Thailand's economic growth.
  • Our assessment of the impact the political deadlock will have on the construction sector.
  • A look at how resilient Thailand's autos industry will be to political dynamics.
  • The outlook for the agriculture sector in light of the failed rice prices guarantee system.
  • Opportunities and threats in the country's telecoms industry.
  • How the political crisis will impact Thailand's oil and gas sector.

BMI's Special Reports draw upon our wide range of expertise to provide insights into the threats and opportunities posed by events and themes of interest to regional and global investors.

We provide both short-term and long-term forecasts for top-down macroeconomic and key industry trends using our proprietary risk-reward models.