Marsh Releases New Political Risk Map With BMI

Marsh has just released its Geopolitical Threats for the Year Ahead: Marsh's Political Risk Map 2016, in collaboration with BMI Research.

Drawing on data and insight from BMI, a leading source of independent political, macroeconomic, financial, and industry risk analysis, Marsh’s Political Risk Map 2016 presents a global view of issues facing multinational organizations and investors. Accounting for in-country political, economic, and operational risks, the map presents overall country risk scores for more than 200 countries and territories, helping businesses and investors make smarter decisions about where and how to deploy financial resources – including risk capital – globally in 2016 and beyond.

The report contains a link to an interactive map, which provides short commentaries on the main political risks facing countries, as well as BMI's Country Risk scores, which consist of our political, economic, and operational risk indices.

The 12-page report discusses themes such as terrorism, the economic struggles facing emerging markets, the US 2016 presidential election, the rise of anti-establishment parties in Europe, falling commodity prices, leadership succession risks, tensions between forces of centralisation and federalisation within individual countries, and rivalries among the 'great powers'.