Israel-Gaza War: Assessing The Regional Fall-Out

Israel’s decision to launch ‘Operation Pillar of Defence’ on November 14, 2012, to protect its citizens from rockets fired by Palestinian militants in Gaza and cripple Hamas’ military infrastructure is reflective of the increasingly hostile geopolitical environment that the Jewish state is facing.

Although Pillar of Defence is specifically focused on Gaza, the operation sends a strong signal that Israel is willing to use military force to defend its interests anywhere in the region at a time when its inaction against Iran’s nuclear programme could be construed by some (both in Israel and Iran) as a sign of weakness.

This need to demonstrate its assertiveness was also apparent in late October, when Israel apparently launched an airstrike on a weapons factory in Khartoum, Sudan. In Business Monitor Online today, we assess the implications of Pillar of Defence for the region, with reference to the larger Palestinian territory in the West Bank, and also Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and Iran.