Iran Unlocked: A Wealth Of Potential

BMI Research has just published a special report, Iran Unlocked: A Wealth Of Potential, on the implications of a deal on Iran's nuclear programme, which we expect to be reached in July 2015. This will result in an unwinding of sanctions on Iran, a country which holds enormous attraction to investors as a relatively untapped, yet vast market. The sectors we analyse include automotives, food & drink, infrastructure, mining, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, shipping, and telecoms, as well as the business operating environment.

Key topics evaluated include:

  • Why we believe there will be a deal on Iran's nuclear programme in July 2015
  • What this will mean for the Iranian economy
  • What barriers will remain to investment in the country
  • Whether Iran's huge natural resources will attract the global commodities giants
  • Which other sectors in Iran hold huge promise
  • What regional economic and political impact Iran's opening will have

The Special Report draws upon BMI Research’s expertise to provide a further strategic dimension to our Country Risk and Industry services and analyse the opening of one of the largest untapped emerging markets in the world.

Across the macro and industry spectrum, BMI Research identifies the potential rewards on offer, the key challenges to doing business, and the sectors that are likely to outperform. The granularity of our analysis and data makes this report one of the most exhaustive examinations of Iran's near- and long-term prospects in the market today.