Further Analysis On Chinese Yuan Devaluation

Over the past few days, BMI Research has published several articles exploring the implications of the Chinese yuan's devaluation on a variety of regions and sectors worldwide. These are listed below and are available to subscribers.

  • US And Chinese Stocks Most At Risk Globally (14 August)
  • Latin America: More Pain For Commodity Exporters After CNY Devaluation 13 August)
  • China: Yuan Depreciation: Limited Implications for Energy & Infrastructure (13 August)
  • Yuan Devaluation Kicks African Currencies When They Are Down (13 August)
  • PBoC Promptly Abandons 'One-Off' Claim, Expect Further Weakness (12 August)
  • CNY Devaluation Increases Likelihood Of Brazil Downgrade (11 August)
  • Commodities: Little Short-Term Impact, Ominous Long-Term (11 August)
  • China: Devaluation Strengthens Domestic Carmakers' Outperformance (11 August)
  • Europe: CNY Deval Signals Rising Deflationary Risks (11 August)

Further analysis will appear in our subscription service as events play out