Commodity Markets Opportunities: The Outlook For The Global Coal And Cotton Industries, And African Mining In 2014

BMI's Commodities team has just published three new special reports on topics that will affect commodity markets in 2014 and beyond.

First of all, we published Five Burning Themes In Global Coal. We argue that despite the environmental benefits of replacing coal with cleaner energy sources, economic imperatives will ensure that coal remains central to the global economy in the coming years. Emerging markets such as China and India will drive demand growth on the seaborne market, as rising consumption outstrips domestic supply. Significant growth in coal trade volumes will present numerous opportunities and challenges for related industries.

In our second report, Global Cotton: Shifting Order To Create Opportunities, we highlight the major shifts underway in worldwide cotton production and consumption. The report focuses on the main historical centres of the global cotton industry, and the challenges they are facing. The decline of these centres will create major opportunities for historically smaller producers and consumers, and we expect a new 'balance of power' to emerge in the cotton industry over the medium term.

Thirdly, we have published Africa Mining: Top Growth Markets For 2014 And Beyond. In this report, we highlight the key growth areas in Africa's mining sector. We also explore continued Asian investment as one of the key drivers of growth across the continent. In addition, we consider the key challenges to sub-Saharan Africa's mining's growth, particularly the potential for divergence in regulatory environments. Finally, we delve deeper into the most positive drivers of the continent's mineral output growth over the coming years, namely West African iron ore and southern African coal.