BMI Releases Two New Special Reports On China's Future

BMI Research has just published two special reports on China's future.

The first is titled China Into The 2020s: Scenarios For Reform, and provides a detailed overview of China's power structure, the various factions within the Communist Party of China (CPC), and three scenarios for how President Xi Jinping's rule could play out by the time his mandate ends in 2022. Two additional areas we focus on are the ongoing anti-corruption campaign, and the government's efforts to reform state-owned enterprises (SOEs). We also outline longer-term scenarios for China's political evolution to 2030.

The second report is titled China: The Provinces Powering Asia's Largest Economy. This outlines our core views on the country's ten largest provinces, which account for approximately 60% of GDP. We analyse how the structure of their individual economies will change, as China rebalances towards a more consumption-led growth model.

The report includes:

  • Growth rates for the top ten provinces, as well as their economic structure, both in terms of GDP by expenditure and by output.
  • The outlook for key demographic, wage, and employment trends, as well as migration.
  • Maps, historical data, and forecasts for each of the top ten provinces.  

Taken together, the two reports provide a comprehensive overview of China's long-term future.