BMI Releases New Special Report, ‘Africa: Dissecting The Growth Story’

Africa has become increasingly visible on investors’ radars in recent years, with several traditionally ‘frontier’ economies now being seen as the next generation of emerging markets. Business Monitor International (BMI) has just published a new special report, Africa: Dissecting the Growth Story, which looks beneath the headlines to examine the long-term structural economic trends shaping Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).

The special report outlines BMI’s core macroeconomic view on the region, analysing seven topical issues that shed light on the nature of Africa’s growth story. In addition, we identify which countries are likely to outperform economically over the long term and we analyse how various nations stand to benefit or lose from ongoing global and regional trends. Furthermore, the report outlines potential risk scenarios for SSA as a whole.

The report answers key questions, such as:

  • What are the current and future trends in foreign direct investment in the region?
  • How will the relationship between Sub-Saharan Africa and India develop further?
  • What are the region’s infrastructure shortcomings, and how are they harming development?
  • What is the outlook for Africa’s manufacturing sector?
  • How would a potential ‘hard landing’ in China affect Sub-Saharan Africa?

The special report draws on BMI’s 28 years of experience to critically assess the economic trends that will shape Sub-Saharan Africa in the years to come, helping you identify the opportunities and challenges for your business in 2013 and beyond.