BMI Publishes New Special Report, 'Hidden Risks To The Global Economy In 2016'

BMI Research has just published a special report examining 13 ‘hidden risks’ to the global economy in 2016. The 'hidden risks' we identify are all developments which, while not necessarily unknown, are sufficiently 'under the radar' to most business decision-makers or are under-reported or underestimated by the mainstream media.

Our selection of risks was also determined by our belief that each could play out or become more prominent over the next 12 months, rather than an indefinite timeframe spanning many years.

Among the hidden risks we identify are: a Chinese currency crisis, a US recession, Donald Trump edging closer to the US presidency, China deploying troops to the Middle East, a resurgence of violence in the Balkans, and a financial crisis stemming from Emerging Market corporate debt.

Not all of the 13 risks represent our core views, and we certainly do not afford them equal probability. In some cases, the risks represent pure speculation on our part. No doubt, there will be other risks that emerge over the course of the year, completely out of the blue. Nevertheless, the risks we identify will provide considerable material for thought, and the report will serve as an early warning of what could lie ahead.

The special report draws upon BMI Research’s expertise to provide a further strategic dimension to our Country Risk and Industry services. The risks we identify span the realms of politics, geopolitics, economics, finance, and at least four different sectors.

For each risk, BMI identifies the warning signals, triggers for escalation, and the consequences and issues at stake.

The report is available from our store.