BMI Launches Frontier Markets Monitor

Business Monitor International (BMI) has just launched Frontier Markets Monitor (FMM), a monthly newsletter that provides readers with our views and analysis of political and economic developments in exciting, but frequently overlooked markets across the world.

Although we have covered frontier markets for many years in our online service, Frontier Markets Monitor is the only monthly subscription publication available on the market dedicated to covering these rapidly growing economies in a 'one-stop' format.

Frontier Markets Monitor features macroeconomic forecasts as well as political, economic, and business environment risk summaries for a wide variety of countries. These typically include:


  • Central America and the Caribbean, as well as smaller states in South America.
  • Balkan and South East European nations, the Caucasus and Central Asian states.
  • Bangladesh, Cambodia, Myanmar, North Korea and other less developed Asian economies, and the South Pacific islands.
  • Iran and smaller Middle Eastern states, along with many of the economies in Sub-Saharan Africa.


The countries covered are typically small, or are large but less well integrated with the global economy than 'mainstream' emerging markets. This is due to a variety of structural factors, ranging from chronic mismanagement and isolationism to sanctions and conflict.

Often, these economies are growing rapidly, or have the potential to accelerate sharply, once structural impediments are overcome. In several cases, the countries in question have tremendous growth opportunities over the long term, and Frontier Markets Monitor provides readers with a regular assessment of the rewards and risks facing investors already operating in or considering entering these states.

The so-called 'frontier markets' represent the next generation of Emerging Markets, and by reading FMM, investors will be able to keep one step ahead of their competitors in identifying future expansion opportunities.