Special Report – Towards 2050: Megatrends In Industry, Politics And The Global Economy

BMI has just published a special report outlining the megatrends shaping our world between now and 2050. We identify how these megatrends will shape sectors such as agribusiness, automotives, food & drink, ICT, infrastructure, metals &...

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US Presidential Election Outlook

Over the next several months, the United States’ two major political parties, the Democrats and the Republicans, will select their candidates to compete in the general election scheduled for this November. The winner of that election will succeed...

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Special Report: Global Recession – A Realistic Scenario

BMI Research has just published a special report examining the risk of a global recession in 2016. While a global recession is not our core scenario, the conditions for a recession are arguably in place, and downside triggers are not difficult to...

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Special Report: What Went Wrong For Opinion Pollsters In 2015?

BMI Research has just published a special report looking at why pre-election opinion polls in seven vastly different countries failed to predict the correct election outcomes in 2015. We have selected examples from Asia, Europe, the Middle East,...

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Iran's Return: Local & Global Implications

The lifting of sanctions on Iran on January 17 throws open vast opportunities to potential investors. However, major uncertainties remain. Here to discuss some of the promises and pitfalls of Iran's economic re-opening, as well as the questions...

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Marsh Releases New Political Risk Map With BMI

Marsh has just released its Geopolitical Threats for the Year Ahead: Marsh's Political Risk Map 2016, in collaboration with BMI Research. Drawing on data and insight from BMI, a leading source of independent political, macroeconomic, financial,...

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BMI Releases Two New Special Reports On China's Future

BMI Research has just published two special reports on China's future. The first is titled China Into The 2020s: Scenarios For Reform, and provides a detailed overview of China's power structure, the various factions within the Communist Party of...

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BMI Publishes New Special Report, 'Hidden Risks To The Global Economy In 2016'

BMI Research has just published a special report examining 13 ‘hidden risks’ to the global economy in 2016. The 'hidden risks' we identify are all developments which, while not necessarily unknown, are sufficiently 'under the radar' to most business...

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China's Provincial Economies: Adapting To Economic Rebalancing

As the world’s second largest economy, China is a complex and geographically diverse nation which requires increasingly granular macroeconomic and political research. BMI has therefore initiated subnational coverage of China, and is releasing a...

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The West has only limited military options against IS in Syria-Iraq

BMI View: The US and its allies have only limited military options to fight Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, as there is no appetite for a large-scale deployment of ground troops. The most likely course of action is an intensified air campaign,...

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