China's Environmental Protection Efforts Hurt Drugmakers

Stricter environmental regulations in China will weigh on manufacturers of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Chinese API manufacturers will be confronted with new environmental and regulatory restrictions due to their history of poor waste...

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Sub-Saharan Africa Healthcare Shaped By Competing Factors

Sub-Saharan Africa's healthcare market will continue to expand at pace with robust economic, demographic and epidemiological drivers in place. A rising chronic disease burden, large-scale urbanisation, and ageing populations will be major drivers of...

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Tesla's China EV Production To Face Tough Competition

Tesla's plan to produce its electric vehicles in China will allow it to reduce operating risks associated with any potential future trade disputes between Washington and Bejing as well as give the automaker more direct access to a fast fast growing...

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Trade War To Accelerate China's Technological Development

The Chinese central government will accelerate its Made In China 2025 programme as trade barriers threaten its access to key foreign technology, and technological progress remains a key source of legitimacy for the Communist Party.

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