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MEA investment opportunities in retail

The attraction of the Middle East and North African retail market to potential investors comes mainly from a favourable long-term economic outlook, a steady rise in disposable incomes, strong tourism industries and a growing interest in Western...

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Latin America Investment Opportunities In Real Estate

BMI Research has just published  "Latin America Investment Opportunities In Real Estate" whitepaper, highlighting investment climate and country and industry specific metrics for Argentina, Brazil,Chile and Peru.

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Key Brexit Analysis - UK Export Opportunities

Following Brexit, UK exporters will be looking to increase sales to emerging markets. Even as part of the EU, the UK has seen emerging markets (EM) rapidly grow as a proportion of UK exports and we expect Brexit to reinforce this trend. EM already...

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Western Europe Investment Opportunities In Petrochemicals

The average Petrochemicals Risk/Reward Index (RRI) score for Europe has been boosted by a broad-based improvement in Country Risk scores amid a more stable long-term economic outlook. The average petrochemicals score rose 0.5 points, although risk...

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MEA Investment Opportunities In Pharmaceuticals

In BMI's Q216 Pharmaceutical RRI, the Middle East and Africa region scores 41.3 out of 100, comparing poorly against Western Europe (70.2), Asia Pacific (52.3), Central and Eastern Europe (52.6) and the Americas (50.5). The indicators used to assess...

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Asia Investment Opportunities In Power

Overall, the average regional Power Risk/Reward Index (RRI) score for the Asian power markets has fallen this quarter, primarily driven by a reduction in 'risks' scores across many of the individual power markets that make up our Asia power sector...

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Asia Investment Opportunities In Oil & Gas

Sustained weakness in global crude prices continues to weigh on Asia's Upstream RRI scores, limiting opportunities to arrest natural declines at ageing assets and bringing new production sources online. Downstream scores remain largely unchanged for...

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Emerging Markets Key Themes Q&A

BMI Research recently hosted a webinar in which we presented our Key Themes for Emerging Markets. Here, we answer the most topical questions that came up during the Q&A session.

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Americas Investment Opportunities In Consumer Electronics

The Americas consumer electronics Risk Reward Index (RRI) for Q216 includes several score changes and positional moves, but their extent is relatively limited. More change could occur in the coming quarters, as several markets cluster around the...

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Asia Investment Opportunities In Food & Drink

BMI's Food & Drink Risk/Reward Index assesses a market's attractiveness to industry investors in comparison to its peers. The reward part of the index takes into account market size, current consumption levels, future industry growth prospects (...

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