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April 2015

Hit to Indonesia's Oil and Gas Revenue Threatens Deficit and Crude Output
Reuters News, 30th April 2015

Exxon Beats Wall Street as Supply Surge Overwhelms Oil Drop
Straits Times, 30th April 2015

Golf Course Debate Reflects Vietnam Army's Capitalist Streak
The New York Times, 29th April 2015

Petrobras Rally Ebbs as Focus Shifts to Ugly Outlook
Financial Times, 23rd April 2015

Petrobras 2014 Results: What to Expect
CNBC, 22nd April 2015

Lines Cautious Over Return to Iran
Lloyds List, 16th April 2015

In a Volatile Oil Market, Much of the Action Is Between Benchmarks
Institutional Investors, 15th April 2015

Weak Euro Should Boost German Small Car Profits
The Detroit News, 13th April 2015

What's Next for Petrobras After Scandal?
Financial Times, 9th April 2015

Shell-BG Merger a Great Deal
CNBC, 8th April 2015

March 2015

AEC Dream’s Failure ‘Still a Success’
The Manila Times, 29th March 2015

Analysts React to Oil’s Surge on Yemen News
Wall Street Journal, 26th March 2015

Oil prices Jump on Yemen Airstrikes
The Daily Telegraph, 26th March 2015

Beyondbrics: Guest post - Will Russia Make a Play for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania?
Financial Times, 24th March 2015

The Single Worst Practice of Medical Device Makers
Motley Fool, 22nd March 2015

This Week on the Frontiers: Ethiopia’s Appeal Grows
The Wall Street Journal, 21st March 2015

Oil Price Outlook (Live Interview)
CNBC Arabia, 19th March 2015

Greek vacation anyone? Tourism set to boom, 16th March 2015

Asian Buyers Seize on Oil-Price Spread
The Wall Street Journal, 15th March 2015

Is the Money Flooding Back to Egypt?, 13th March 2015

Mobile operators to worry over Google and Facebook
Le Monde, 3rd March 2015

Warm End to European Winter Easing Fastest Gas Withdrawals
Bloomberg News, 3rd March 2015

February 2015

Oil Price Outlook
CNBC Arabia, 28th February 2015

UK Economic Outlook / Inflation
Jazz FM, 17th February 2015

Oil Rises on Weak Dollar, Warnings From Royal Dutch Shell
Wall Street Journal, 12th February 2015

Hostage Crisis Awakens Japan to Middle East Risks
The Associated Press ,11th February 2015

Asian Oil Giants Think Again on Investment Plans for 2015
The Australian, 3rd February 2015

Asia’s Oil Giants Rethink Spending Plans
Wall Street Journal, 3rd February 2015

Defaulted Cuban Loans Appeal to Frontier Investors
Financial Times, 1st February 2015

January 2015

The Economic Outlook for South Africa
CNBC Africa (Power Lunch), 22nd January 2015

First Pakistan REIT to Offer 9% Dividend, Stakes in Leading Mall
Bloomberg, 15th January 2015

Behind the Wheel - Chevy Bolt: The Affordable Alternative to Tesla?
CNBC Europe, 13th January 2015

Venezuelan Default: Endgame in Sight?
Financial Times, 13th January 2015

China's Slowdown: Even When It's Bad, It's Still Pretty Good
Automotive World, 12th January 2015

Oil Tumbles to Seventh Straight Weekly Loss
Wall Street Journal, 9th January 2015

U.S. Carmakers set to Fight Challenge by Mercedes, BMW and Audi
Forbes, 9th January 2015

Falling Oil Spells Boon for Most of Asia’s Economies
Wall Street Journal, 4th January 2015

Infrastructure Outlook 2015: Five Themes
Infrastructure Investor, 2nd January 2015

December 2014

Why Ebola Costs Could Top $4 Billion in 2015
Reuters TV, 29th December 2014

This Week On The Frontiers: Cuban Comeback
The Wall Street Journal, 19th December 2014

Falling Oil Prices and Political Unrest Top 2015’s International Risks
Business Insurance, 17th December 2014

Investors Want Abe to Act on Structural Changes
The Wall Street Journal, 15th December 2014

Oil Slide Drives Central Banks to Action
The Wall Street Journal, 11th December 2014

Emerging Markets Coated In Red; Mexico, Argentina Sink
Barron's, 10th December 2014

Ukraine Bid to Bypass Russian Gas Scuttled by Turkey
Washington Post, 4th December 2014

Europe’s Gas Stocks Guard Against Cuts in Mildest Year
Bloomberg, 2nd December 2014