Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

Whether you’re from a drug company, industry association, consultancy, financial institution or government, we show you how and where business risks are most concentrated and highlight investment opportunities in the Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare market.

The Service

We monitor 185 countries, keeping you up-to-date with key developments including government healthcare reforms, patented, generic and over-the-counter (OTC) drug markets, epidemiological trends, medical devices, telecare and pharmaceutical logistics.

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Daily Views

Actionable analysis across 185 global markets. Keep up-to-date with emerging trends, risks and opportunities affecting your organisation. From competitive intelligence to research and development pipelines, M&A and restructuring to regulatory developments, all analysis is available via the platform or as customisable daily email alerts.

Reports & Strategic Content

In-depth reports on 96 global markets. We combine macroeconomic forecasts with industry specific analysis to produce quarterly reports covering economic and political outlooks, 5 and 10 year industry forecasts, regulatory regimes, competitive landscapes and industry trends.

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Data & Forecasting

Compare and export data for 185 global markets. Our database contains 13 million lines of data, with 5 or 10 year forecasts across developed, emerging and frontier markets. Our proprietary databases provide further opportunities to identify growth and manage risk. Exclusive to Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare is the Burden of Disease Database, covering 123 different diseases and injuries across 187 countries, through to 2030.

Analyst Access

Direct access to our Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare analysts. Discuss key views and forecasts with the experts behind the analysis and gain insight on the key issues affecting your organisation.

smileOur analysis and forecasts are used by 400 of the Fortune 500 companies

Unique Benefits

Connected coverage

Integration with our Medical Devices, Country Risk, Freight Transport, Shipping and Telecommunications research teams allows the Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare team to create cross-vertical views and analysis and publish topical, cross-sector, special reports.

Breadth and depth of coverage

Leveraging our proprietary macroeconomic data, we develop detailed risk/reward analysis for mature, emerging and frontier markets.

Track record

The Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare team has a proven track record in monitoring industry developments and evolving business strategies and highlighting the most pertinent risks and opportunities in any global market.

We cover 195 global markets, specialising in frontier and emerging markets

Who buys and why?

Decision makers from multinational corporations, banks and insurance companies use our Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare analysis to inform their strategic, investment, or operational decisions.

Drug companies use our company performance data and market-level forecasts to evaluate growth strategies and rely on our reports to help identify new business opportunities and partners, especially in difficult to access countries or increasingly competitive environments.

Consultancies and sector specialists leverage our independence and expertise to further their views and advise clients and partners in the most informed way.

Government departments use our analysis to help shape policy and guide fully rounded decision making with a multi-sector and macro-strategy environment.

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