VMS's oncology treatments start to make impact in India

Doctors at BGS Global Cancer Institute at BGS Global Hospitals in Bangalore, India, have begun delivering advanced radiotherapy treatments using Varian Medical Systems' TrueBeam STx medical linear accelerator in Asia. A 57-year-old female patient with a brain metastasis received whole brain radiotherapy and this will be followed by stereotactic radiosurgical boosts to the lesion using the system.

Designed to advance the treatment of lung, breast, prostate, gynaecologic, liver, head and neck, and other types of cancer, the TrueBeam platform is designed to treat tumours with speed and accuracy. It includes features that synchronise imaging, patient positioning, motion management and treatment delivery. With its High Intensity Mode, TrueBeam machines can deliver very high doses quickly and accurately, more than twice as fast as earlier generations of technology. The TrueBeam STx is a high-end model intended for radiosurgical applications, where very large doses are delivered in a single treatment or only a few sessions.

Initial TrueBeam STx treatments at BGS Global Hospitals will focus on brain, head & neck, gastro-intestinal and gynaecologic cancers using advanced techniques such as IMRT (intensity modulated radiotherapy). The team intends to commence stereotactic radiosurgery treatments by the end of January 2012. Global Hospitals has acquired three TrueBeam STx systems - ordered in 2010 - for its sites in Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai, in response to the rapidly increasing cancer incidence in these major population centres.

Meanwhile, a 65-year-old breast cancer patient has become the first person in India to be treated using the TrueBeam radiotherapy treatment system. In a treatment, carried out at HCG (Health Care Global) Ahmedabad, the patient received accelerated partial breast irradiation which allowed her treatment course to be completed in a week instead of the usual five weeks required with previous VMS technology. HCG Ahmedabad is the first private cancer hospital in Ahmedabad offering both diagnostic and treatment facilities for cancer under one location. Its patients come from across Gujarat and neighbouring states of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, as well as from outside India.

The TrueBeam device, which was installed in October, will be used to deliver advanced radiotherapy techniques such as stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) treatments, as well as carrying out clinical studies and research programmes. The hospital aims to reduce the length of treatment time as well as enabling overall treatment courses to be carried out in a week rather than several weeks.

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