Viridis Secures Expanded Licence To Sell Microfoam Dressings

Viridis BioPharma has been granted an expanded licence to sell Microfoam dressings, the first advanced wound care dressing to use Quick-Med Technologies' non-leaching Nimbus technology. Viridis will have the right to sell the Microfoam dressings it produces under licence from Quick-Med to territories now including the Commonwealth of Independent States. Countries within the expanded territory include Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, as well as Georgia, Turkmenistan and the Ukraine. Distribution into these territories will be handled by Unique Pharmaceutical Labs. The regulatory clearance process is already under way for Russia, with others following. This expanded contract has a term of five years. The core contract between Viridis and Quick-Med that permits manufacture and sale in India of foam and gauze Nimbus products is extended for the same period.

As part of its commercialisation efforts, Viridis has sponsored clinical trials to demonstrate the efficacy of Microfoam dressings, the first of which are nearing initial reporting. Nimbus technology applied through Microfoam dressing showed relief in burn and wound cases and particularly in diabetic chronic wounds, as well as in venous and pressure ulcers, in an Indian clinical trial. Initial observations on Microfoam cite that wounds show faster healing with Microfoam than with conventional treatments.

Quick-Med's patented technology, Nimbus, is an antimicrobial technology that has been custom designed for wound care and other medical applications. Nimbus received de novo FDA clearance in 2009 and has been commercialised in traditional wound care applications. It is the only non-leaching antimicrobial dressing, which, by design, poses no risk of bacteria developing resistance. Nimbus technology is protected by 12 US patents and patents pending and 24 foreign counterparts.


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