Verisante inks distribution agreement with Laserwelt

Verisante has entered into an exclusive agreement with Laserwelt to distribute Verisante Aura in Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein. Laserwelt will also support technical training and servicing in Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein.

Verisante Aura is indicated for use for the evaluation of skin lesions that may be clinically suspect for melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma and/or basal cell carcinoma when a medical professional chooses to obtain additional information to rule out one of the above conditions before making a final decision to biopsy. Aura is a non-invasive optical system that uses Raman spectroscopy to biochemically analyse the skin, providing immediate results. The device will help to automate the current process of diagnosis, allowing rapid scanning of the 20 to 40 skin lesions on at-risk individuals, improving patient outcomes and comfort.

The Verisante Aura for skin cancer detection and the investigational Verisante Core series for lung, colon and cervical cancer detection utilise a proprietary cancer detection platform while the operating software and probe technology are unique to each device. The cancer detection platform was developed by the BC Cancer Agency and tested and refined at the Skin Care Centre at Vancouver General Hospital. This exclusive platform technology allows Verisante to develop and offer a range of compact, non-invasive cancer detection devices that offer physicians immediate results for many of the most common cancers. Aura has been approved for sale in Canada, Europe and Australia.

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