Veregen launched in Switzerland; approved in eight additional European countries

Veregen (sinecatechins 15 % ointment; formerly known as Polyphenon E) has been launched in Switzerland by Medigene's partner, Abbott. In addition, market approvals for the drug have been granted in the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Cyprus.

Veregen is already being marketed in the US (by Fougera), Germany and Austria (by Abbott), and Spain (by Bial-Portela), and is approved in further countries. Further marketing authorisations in additional countries are expected within the next few months. Veregen is a topical treatment for external genital warts, which contains a concentrate of catechins with a complex defined composition extracted from green tea leaves. Medigene acquired the rights to the active ingredient in Veregen from Epitome Pharmaceuticals in 1999 and was solely responsible for the drug's development, as well as the approval process.

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