US Embargo Reforms Likely, But Not Imminent

BMI View: Given international disapproval of the US embargo on Cuba, the domestic support for reform, and the significant economic opportunities which would arise under a normalisation of relations, we believe that US foreign policy towards Cuba will become less antagonistic in the coming years. However, given the political inertia on the issue in the US, we do not expect substantive changes to be imminent.

The US embargo on Cuba, which has lasted more than half a century, remains a major impediment to Cuban growth, given the close proximity of the Caribbean nation to the world's largest economy, and the untapped potential for goods exports, tourism, and investment. At the UN General Assembly in New York, Cuba once again pushed for international condemnation of the US embargo on the Caribbean nation.

Some Modest Headway...

International Opinion Unequivocal
Cuba - UN Vote Breakdown On Resolutions Condemning The US Embargo Against Cuba

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