Tesco Ranks Highest In Terms Of ‘Supportive’ UK Supermarkets

News: A recent consumer-led survey of the UK supermarket industry, conducted by a division of UK market insight company ZenithOptimedia , found that Tesco ranked highest in terms of customer support, reports Kamcity. Of 1,100 UK parents that were asked to name supermarkets that offered the most support in their daily family lives, 44% of respondents answered Tesco, while 33% named Asda and 26% Sainsbury ' s . On the basis of this measurement, German y -based discount retailers Aldi and Lidl scored poorly in comparison, as did the more high-end UK retailers Waitrose and Marks & Spencer .

BMI View: Large grocery outlets dominate the food retail market in the UK . Combined with several regional mass grocery retailers and smaller speciality grocery chains, BMI estimates that the organised portion of the UK food and drink retail market, measured in terms of value sales, amounted to 92% of the total market in 201 1 and is l ikely to continue to increase. Tesco is the market leader, accounting for more than 30% of UK food and drink retail sales. This stems from a combination of supermarkets, hypermarkets and convenience stores, and a strategy that emphasises the constant improvement of its non-food product range.

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