Tamoios Highway Tender Deadline Set For May

News: The deadline for the submission of bids for the BRL3.9bn (US$1.72bn) Tamoios highway tender has been set for May 14. The tender for the 30-year public-private partnership concession contract was launched by Brazil's São Paulo state transport authority ARTESP. The contract involves operating and maintaining the Planalto and Serra parts of the Tamoios highway, between São José dos Campos and Caraguatatuba. The contract also involves widening 21.5km of the road along the Serra stretch, as well as management of the Caraguatatuba and São Sebastião ringroad. The concession payment requested by the concessionaire should be a maximum BRL5.8bn (US$2.56bn). Foreign and domestic firms, as well as investment and pension funds, either alone or in a consortium, can submit bids for the tender.

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