SJM releases Accent MRI pacemaker in India

St Jude Medical has begun the market release of the Accent MRI pacemaker and Tendril MRI lead in India. Collectively, the devices allow patients to undergo full-body, high-resolution MRI scans to accommodate patients’ current and future medical needs.

The Accent system features an MRI Activator device that provides an alternative option for programming the device to the appropriate MRI mode for use during the scan. A single button press on the hand-held MRI Activator can be used to program the specific device parameters to be used during the MRI scan. These parameters are pre-selected by the patient's physician and stored in the pacemaker.

Based upon the Tendril lead platform, the pacing lead offers design advantages for safe, MRI-conditional scanning. The thin diameter helps physicians to implant, as it retains the handling characteristics of the Tendril platform of pacing leads. In addition, the lead features Optim lead insulation, a silicone-polyurethane co-polymer material created specifically for cardiac lead use. The Optim insulation is designed for long-term reliability, while providing physicians with better flexibility and handling to facilitate device implantation.

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