Significant Differences In Health Consciousness Across EMs

Broadly speaking, health consciousness is one of the most significant trends currently affecting the global food and drink industry. However, it is not simply the case that developed nations are becoming more health focussed while developing markets continue to purchase unhealthy foods. There are significant differences in such trends between countries often grouped together, which we highlight below.

Health awareness surrounding the food and drink sector has arguably received greater attention in recent years, as many governments around the world increase their involvement in such issues and food provenance concerns such as the horse food scandal in the UK and various outbreaks of diseases in China have raised consumer awareness.

One of our core long term views is the increased interaction between national governments and the food and drink industry in order to promote healthier eating. Most recently, the US government has introduced new regulation regarding food labelling, in an effort to marginalise unhealthy food and drink products (see 'Obama Administration Announces Major Food Labelling Overhaul', February 28). Another recent development was the enforcement of a tax on unhealthy food and carbonated soft drinks in Mexico, which began on January 1 this year.

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