Siemens reveals new edition of the Somatom definition AS open 20/64 CT system

At the Second Forum of the European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ESTRO), held from 19th to 23rd April 2013, in Geneva, Switzerland, Siemens Healthcare showcased the RT pro edition of the Somatom definition AS open 20/64 large bore CT system. The RT Pro edition was specially developed for use in radiation therapy and permits more precision in therapy planning and cancer treatment, particularly under difficult conditions, such as obese patients and artifacts from metal implants and tumour motion.

The HD field of view (FoV) pro functionality of the Somatom definition AS open – RT Pro edition uses advanced algorithms to calculate body contours and tissue attenuation outside the normal scan field. The result is an improved, geometrically correct depiction of the body contours and a consistent image of tissue density inside and outside the FoV. This provides radiation therapy staff with informative images for planning treatment even in the case of obese patients.

For many patients with metal implants, such as artificial hips, dental fillings and pacemakers, artifacts appear in the clinical images and this interferes with the visualisation of tumours and surrounding organs. With the aid of the metal artifact reduction in image space functionality, these artifacts are reduced, thereby improving the localisation and contouring of tissue structures and streamlining the treatment planning process. With the motion management pro module of the new RT pro edition, Siemens offers a comprehensive solution for analysing tumour motion during the breathing cycle. For example, when planning treatment for lung cancer, this makes possible to irradiate the right target volume, at the right time within the breathing cycle, and with the correct dose.

With the RT pro edition, the company is also making the benefits of dual-energy CT imaging available to CT systems with the extra-large 80cm gantry. The dual-energy images can be used to reduce metal artifacts or accurately assess tissue density and thus to calculate the optimal dose. Siemens plans to deliver new RT Pro edition systems at the end of April 2013. An upgrade for the installed base will be available by mid-May 2013.

Additionally, as part of their worldwide partnership in radiotherapy and radio surgery, Siemens and Varian Medical Systems will also be introducing new software interfaces that connect Siemens' Primus and Oncor linear accelerators with Varian's Aria oncology information system. This enables users of Linacs Primus and Oncor to connect their systems to Aria, thereby giving them the option to transition to this modern and feature-rich OIS when it is time to update equipment in the department.

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