Ships Wait To Discharge Petroleum Products At Lagos Ports

News: A total of 14 ships are waiting to unload petroleum products at various oil terminals at ports in Nigeria's Lagos region, according to the daily publication of the Nigerian Ports Authority, Shipping Position. Out of the 14 ships, 11 would discharge petrol, two ships would discharge base oil and the remaining one would discharge aviation fuel. The report also revealed that a total of 100 ships with different cargoes would visit the ports in the period between November 1 and November 30. The document also showed that 21 ships would carry petroleum products, while the remaining 79 ships would carry new and used vehicles, rice, fish, containers, bulk sugar, steel products, general cargoes, bulk wheat, bulk gypsum and petroleum products.

BMI View: Ports are of vital importance to Nigeria, as the country's main trading partners are outside Africa. Nigeria's main export destinations are the US and Brazil, while it relies on imports from China and the Netherlands. Maritime, therefore, is the most viable route for both imports and exports.

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