Renamo Electoral Participation: Positive But No Panacea

BMI View: Although a positive sign that progress to end violence in Mozambique can be made, the announcement by opposition party Renamo that it will participate in the October 2014 general election should be treated with caution. Clashes between the government forces and Renamo have continued during early 2014 and this could harden the government's position. Even if Renamo do take part in the vote, we believe that the party will fare poorly.

A member of opposition party Resistência Nacional Moçambicana (Renamo) has announced that the party will participate in the October general election. The announcement was seemingly confirmed when the Council of Ministers (Mozambique's cabinet) declared that registration for the vote, which had been scheduled to begin at the end of January, will be delayed by two weeks in order to give Renamo time to prepare for the registration process. The delay reportedly came at the request of Renamo.

The party's participation in the polls has been uncertain; it boycotted local elections held in November 2013 in protest against perceived unfairness in the makeup of the country's electoral commission. The local elections arguably confirmed Renamo's suspicions with the Comissão Nacional Eleitoral (CNE) implicated in dubious outcomes in several constituencies at the local elections. According to the local media that reported Renamo's decision, it remains unclear whether the party's participation will depend on revision to the country's electoral laws.

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