QuantuMDx/GIS Collaborate To Develop Asia-Specific Assays For Use With Q-POC

Agency for Science, Technology and Research's Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS) has signed an agreement with QuantuMDx (QMDx), under which, QMDx' wholly owned Singapore-based subsidiary, QMDx Asia, and GIS will develop Asia-specific point-of-care (PoC) genetic tests for use with QMDx' Q-POC hand held PoC device. QMDx will commercialise the tests. The first assay from the development pipeline will direct treatment of East Asian patients with kinase-driven cancers, such as chronic myeloid leukaemia and EGFr-mutated non-small lung cancer.

QMDx' hand-held, PoC, sample-to-result diagnostic device, Q-POC, will be used to rapidly test patients, in a cancer clinic or post-surgery, for the presence of a BIM deletion polymorphism genetic mutation which GIS has shown causes a patient's malignancy to be unresponsive to the standard tyrosine kinase inhibitors treatment regime. Instead, the treatment can be personalised and made more effective by switching treatment to other chemotherapeutic agents. Q-POC, currently at prototype stage, utilises novel sample preparation, extraction, amplification and a nanowire biosensor to detect DNA sequences of interest in under 15 minutes, from sample to result.

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