Prodigy Launched In Europe Following CE Mark Approval

St Jude Medical (SJM) has reported CE mark approval and European launch of its Prodigy chronic pain system with burst technology. It is claimed to be the first and only implantable neuromodulation system that delivers burst stimulation, and is designed to reduce pain, improve patient satisfaction and allow reduced paresthesia. The new device offers patients traditional tonic spinal cord stimulation (SCS) in addition to burst technology for improved stimulation options.

SJM's burst technology offers intermittent 'bursts' of stimulation designed to provide an alternative therapy method for chronic conditions such as back pain. In addition, burst stimulation has been demonstrated to minimise paresthesia in some patients, which can often fluctuate with posture and body position changes. Early evidence suggests that by enabling the delivery of both modes of stimulation, clinicians can more effectively adjust therapy to address the patient's unique pain condition.

The Prodigy system is claimed to feature the longest-lasting battery life, even at the highest settings, of any rechargeable SCS device in its class. Additionally, its small size allows for a smaller incision, which gives physicians increased flexibility in selecting the implant location and is intended to make the site less visible and more comfortable for patients.

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