Phylogica/Janssen Collaboration Expanded For Development Of Phylomer Conjugates

Phylogica has expanded its collaboration with Janssen Biotech (Johnson & Johnson) to discover, develop and commercialise new classes of peptide drug cojugates derived from Phylogica's Phylomer drug-discovery platform. Phylogica has received an undisclosed payment for funding additional research associated with the expansion of the collaboration.

The agreement with Janssen was originally executed in December 2011. This expansion of the collaboration follows the successful identification of Phylomers that specifically target the tissue type of interest and internalise a payload within the cell. This screening phase was conducted using Phylogica's second-generation Phylomer libraries and newly developed technology to detect Phylomer cojugates that not only penetrates cells but, importantly, also deliver their payload functionally within the cell. Phylogica has recently filed a patent application on this platform enhancement.

Phylogica and Janssen have expanded the collaboration to explore further the ability of the Phylomer conjugates to function within the cell. This additional step is anticipated to take six months to complete and will further validate Phylogica's intracellular delivery capabilities.

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