Photodynamic Bone Stabilisation System Launched In Spain And Israel

IlluminOss Medical has launched its proprietary photodynamic bone stabilisation system (PBSS) in Spain and Israel. IlluminOss launched its PBSS, a percutaneous, patient-specific orthopaedic implant system for the stabilisation and treatment of bone fractures, with Prim Ortopedia in Spain and in Israel with Trimaco.

With CE marking for light to low-load bearing indications, IlluminOss' PBSS is currently used in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey and the Netherlands, in addition to Spain and Israel. IlluminOss is seeking FDA approval as well as an expansion of its indications in the EU.

The minimally invasive PBSS enables clinicians to repair bone fractures using a light-curable polymer contained within an expandable balloon catheter to achieve bone stabilisation. The procedure is made through a small percutaneous surgical approach providing patients and clinicians with a fast, customised method of orthopaedic bone stabilisation.

IlluminOss offers PBSS directly to providers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland through IlluminOss Medical GmbH. The company partners with Medikon in Turkey, Mikai in Italy and Pro-Motion Group in the Netherlands.

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