Philips strengthens collaborative ties in interventional oncology

Philips has linked up with BTG International's Biocompatibles unit to support the use of image guidance to control the delivery of beads during the arterial embolisation of hypervascularised tumours.

The first stage of this collaboration will be the development of a new treatment protocol for trans-arterial embolisation, a process demonstrated to reduce the size or rate of growth of tumours. This is carried out by blocking the blood supply to a tumour using an embolic material such as, this case, beads. The aim of this protocol is to standardise and optimise the current approach to treatment delivery, thereby ensuring the best possible patient outcome. The scope of collaboration and development activities between the two companies is currently being finalised, with additional developments expected to be made in 2013.

Philips' management believe the trend towards such minimally-invasive treatment in interventional oncology will require an integrated approach from image guidance and medical devices to provide controlled delivery of treatment that will both enable physicians to perform their procedures with more precision, and reduce discomfort for the patient.

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